To and From the Airport

Bandung (BDO):

Location: 2 Miles/4 km NW of the City.
By Taxi: To/from the airport IDR 65 000R, however due to monopolies at the airport, it may be necessary to pay more. Citra Taxi: Tel 732 0000, Centris Taxi: Tel 751 2100.
Updated 2007

Jakarta - see Jakarta Page

Semarang - Ahmad Yani (SRG):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles W of the city.
By Taxi: To Semarang by pre-paid taxi voucher ~IDR 34 000. By meter back to the airport ~IDR 22 000.
Updated 2007

Solo - Adi Sumarmo (SOC):

Location: 6 miles/10 km NW of the City.
By Taxi: To the city center ~IDR 50 000R.
By Bus: Buses run from the airport to Kartasura, then change to a 2nd bus to get to the city centre.
Updated 2007

Surabaya - Juanda (SUB):

Location: 10 Miles/16 km SSE of the City.
By Taxi: A pre-paid taxi to the city centre is ~IDR 80 000. Taxis from the city to the airport run on meters and are likely to be around IDR 70 000.
By Bus: Damri airport bus drops at Purabaya bus station and then in the city centre. Cost: ~IDR 8000. Timings: Buses run fairly infrequently 0745-1530.
Airport Website:

Yogyakarta (JOG):

Location: 6 Miles 10 km E of the City centre.
By Taxi: To the city centre, a pre-paid voucher of ~IDR 45 000. The trip back to the airport is likely to be cheaper as the meter is used.

By Bus:
General: From the main road 200m from terminal, catch a Colt (minibus) to Terban Colt station or a bus to Umbulharjo bus station. Cost: ~IDR 4000.
Notes from a Traveller March 2010l: There is a bus station 100 m outside the terminal on an unpaved road on the left. Bus B3 goes from there to Terminal Bus Station. Cost IDR 3000, takes 40 minutes on this bus to Boroburur. Minibuses run to Yogyakarta center, from a spot 300 metres ahead, on the main road, left hand direction.

By Train: There is reported to be a train station outside the terminal.
Updated Mar10 A Bota

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