To and From the Airport

Antofagasta - Cerro Moreno Intl (ANF):

Location: 24 km/15 Miles N of the city.
By Bus: A couple of companies run regular shuttles into the city for ~US$4. Local Bus #15 runs less frequently to the Terminal Pesquero in the city. ~US$1. Other sources say there is no bus.
Rental Cars: AVIS & Hertz.
Updated Aug09 ADV.

Arica - Chacalluta (ARI):

Location: 14 km/9 Miles N of the city.
By Road: To Arica 19 km/12 Miles.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Balmaceda (BBA):

Location: 2 km/1 Mile SW of Balmaceda.
Updated Jun05.

Calama - El Loa (CJC):

Location: 6 km/4 Miles S of the city.
By Taxi: To Calama ~US$3.
By Bus: Trans Desert S. A. runs a minibus service from the airport to San Pedro de Atacama. It connects with all national flights, and runs every hour or 2. For reservations call (55) 344-894. Cost: C$5,000 or US$10. There are reported to be 2 different buses which serve this airport, one fast, the other slow. Rental Cars: About 5 car hire companies operate at the airport.
Updated Nov06 MBentley

Concepción - Carriel Sur Intl (CCP):

Location: 6 km/4 Miles N of Concepcion & 7 km/4 Miles SE of Talcahuano.
By Shuttle Van: There are a number of companies that run shuttles into Concepcion for US$3-4.
Rental Cars: Car Trawler Car Hire.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Copiapó - Desierto de Atacama (SCAT):

Location: 12 km/9 Miles NNW of the city.
By Taxi: To the city ~US$7.
By Bus: Transfer operates a shuttle van to the city for ~CLP 1700.
Updated Apr06 ADV

Easter Island/Isla de Pascua/Rapa Nui - Mataveri Intl (IPC):

Location: 1.6 km/1 Mile S of Hanga Roa harbour, at the SW of the Island.
Airport Overview: One very small terminal divided into arrivals and departure sides. In the arrivals area, several hotels and guesthouses have desks. There is no ATM, in fact there is only one ATM on the whole island.
By Taxi: The only practical means of transport other than rental cars. To town ~CLP 1000/US$1/5 mins to anywhere in Hanga Roa. To Anakena ~US$8-10/20-30 mins. Radio Taxi Tel 100 700 & Central Petero Atamu 100 399.
By Shuttle Van: Most hotels & guest houses provide free airport transfers for their guests. They are met in the arrivals area.
Rental Cars: No companies have desks at the airport, but cars and jeeps as well as motorbikes & cycles are available at many locations in nearby Hanga Roa. Oceanic Rapa Nui Rent a Car (Tel 100 985 opposite Hotel Orongo) has jeeps for CLP 24000 for 8 hrs & CLP 30000 for 24 hrs.
Dep Tax: US$18 Intl, but usually included in the ticket price. None for domestic flights.
Airport Tel No: 56 100237.
Steve's Restaurant Tips: Click here.
Updated May05 Visit. Last Visit May05

Iquique - Diego Aracena Intl (IQQ):

Location: 36 km/23 Miles S of the city.
By Shuttle Van: A van runs from the airport to various points in the city.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

La Serena - La Florida (LSC):

Location: 4 km/2 Miles SE of the city.
By Taxi: Available.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Osorno - Canal Bajo/Siebert (ZOS):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles SE of the city.
Updated Jun05.

Puerto Montt - El Tepual Intl (PMC):

Location:13 km/8 Miles WNW of town.
By Bus: Buses run by ETM go to the bus station in the city for ~US$2.
By Shuttle Van: To Puerto Mont ~US$5.
Rental Cars: Car Trawler Car Hire.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Punta Arenas - Carlos Ibañez del Campo Intl (PUQ):

Location: 17 km/11 Miles NNE of the city & 180 km/112 Miles SE of Puerto Natales.
By Taxi: To Punta Arenas ~CLP 9000.
By Bus: Various companies run buses and shuttles in to town for ~CLP 3000-4000. Buses wait for incoming flights, then stop on-demand at hotels throughout the city. Buses also run to Puerto Natales.
Updated Nov06 MBentley

Temuco - Maquehue (ZCO):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles SW of Temuco.
By Taxi: To the city centre ~CLP 3200.
By Bus: Bus #1 runs to the rail station in the city.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Valdivia - Pichoy (ZAL):

Location: 22 km/14 Miles NE of the city.
By Bus: Transfer runs a bus service from the airport to the city for ~CLP 2000.
Updated Apr06 ADV.

Santiago - see Santiago page

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