To and From the Airport

Baoshan 保山 (BSD):

Location: 7 km/4 Miles S of the city centre.
By Bus: Buses run to the Airline Office on on Longquan Lu. Cost: CNY 3. Travel Time: Takes 20-25 mins.
Airport Tel No: 0875 223 2209 or 0875 212 1666.
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Dali 大理 - Xiaguan (DLU):

Location: 13 km/8 Miles NE of the city centre.
By Taxi: The only option for most travellers.
Airport Tel No: (0872) 2168388 (exchange) or 242 8969 (office).
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Jinghong 景洪 - Xishuangbanna (JHG):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles S of the City.
By Taxi: To the city ~CNY 30.
By Bus: To the airlines booking office on Jingde Lu/Minzu Nanlu. Buses leave office ~1 hr before flights. Cost: ~CNY 4. Another bus stops at the Xishuangbanna Hotel.
Airport Tel No: 0691 2159176.
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Kunming 昆明 - Changshui (KMG):

Airport Website:
24 km/15 Miles NSE of the city centre.
Airport Overview: One large terminal for all flights.
By Taxi: Taxis available. To Kunming City ~CNY 70.
By Bus: Several Airport Shuttle Buses serve the airport.

By Train:
The airport is the last stop on Kunming Rail Transit Metro line 6 from the city.
Route: Airport Center (机场中心) - Airport Front (机场前) - Dabanqiao (大板桥) - East Bus Station in Kunming City (东部汽车站).
Notes: Only Metro line 6 is open at the moment, the other lines being under construction. By 2013 it should be possible to transfer to points all over the city. In the meantime, transfer to buses at the East Bus Station.

Car Parking: There are 2 airport car parks. Cost: Inside Parking: 15 mins free, then CNY 8 for first 60 minutes, CNY 2 for every 30 minutes afterwards and CNY 60 for one day. Outside Parking: 15 mins free, then CNY 5 for first 60 minutes and CNY 1 for every 30 minutes afterwards; CNY60 for one day for small vehicles and CNY100 for one day for large vehicles.
Currency Services: ATMs are available in the terminal.
Baggage Storage: A luggage storage service is available at the air crew and employees aisle at the west side of the Departure Hall on Floor 3, and at the Domestic Exit at the west side of the Greeting Guest Hall on Base 1.
Notes: This airport has now taken over all flights from Wujiaba airport, which has now closed.
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Lijiang 麗江 (LJG):

Airport Website:
25 km/15 Miles S of the City.
By Bus: Yunnan Airlines bus service runs to their office at the corner of Yunshan Zhong Lu and Fuhui Lu, ~CNY 10.
Airport Tel No: (0888) 517 3088 (exchange) or 517 3086 (office).
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Mangshi - Dehong (LUM):

Location: 7 km/4 Miles SW of Mangshi City. 70 km/44 Miles ENE of Ruili.
By Bus: Buses run to and from the Yunnan Airlines office on Renmin Lu in Mangshi.
Airport Tel No: (0692) 293 4609.
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