To and From the Airport

Barcelona (BLA):

Location: 1 mile/2km S of the City.
Bus: Local buses run into the City.

Caracas-Maiquetía (CCS):

Location: 30km/18 Miles N of the City, on the coast near Maiquetia.

By Taxi:
Typical Costs: To Caracas City: VEB 150-200/35-65 mins possibly more in heavy traffic.
Warning: You may be approached by ‘taxi drivers’ inside the intl terminal who offer you a ride to Caracas for less than the official fare, but this should be viewed with suspicion. Their taxis are usually not in the regular taxi line, but are parked elsewhere. Some of these drivers are honest, but there may be some who mug you in the middle of nowhere. Note: The official airport taxis are black SUVs with a yellow sticker on the front doors.
Notes from a traveller June 2006: I recently made a trip through Venezuela. Upon my arrival into the terminal, I was immediately approached by a guy with a large yellow official looking ID badge hanging around his neck that said Taxi. I thought this was the guy who arranged for taxis locally. As it turns out, he did have something to do with it, but he was on the take with some non-official taxi guy. I was taken to the lower level of the terminal where some guy (who was not in the taxi line) showed up in a beat up Chevy Malibu. The official taxi guy insisted this was an okay taxi to take while standing there with his palm in the open position. I wondered about the financial arrangement with the cab driver, but being on the take isn't anything unusual. After I got in the cab, my cab was immediately "commandeered" by a local airport policeman who was getting off shift and wanted a ride to an area near where I was going. I wasn't given the option of booting him out. We delivered him to a part of town I would never go in. After I arrived at the hotel, I was charged an extra 10 dollars because we had to go out of our way to take the cop home. Typical third world b.s.....
Notes from a traveller November 2009: I would give a strong warning on using the public bus from Parque Central to the airport, especially for foreign people who could be easy targets. Caracas has become a very unsafe city. I am Venezuelan and I do some travel so I have plenty of experience.

By Bus: Bus runs every 30 mins 0530-2300 from the airport to the city centre, but they usually don’t leave until they are full. In the city, buses park next to Parque Central at the corner of Calle Sur 17 and Avenida Bolivar. Buses also depart from Gato Negro Metro station. You are advised to leave from Gato Negro metro station as city traffic is very slow above ground. At the airport the buses leave from in front of both the domestic and intl terminals. Cost: US$2-3/50mins++.

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: AVIS, Budget, Hertz, Aco, National, Amigo, Rojas, Auto 727 & Margarita Rental. Car hire desks are in both terminals.

Airport Tax: Departure: US$32 Intl. US$1 Domestic. Other sources report no tax payable.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +58 212 303 1351 or 355 1227.
Updated Nov09 ADV. Visited Airport

Ciudad Bolivar (CBL):

Location: 2 km/1 mile SE of the Riverfront.
By Bus: Frequent buses run to City. Buses leave from the river bank (Paseo de Orinoco).
Updated 2000

Ciudad Guyana (CGU):

Location: At W end of Puerto Ordaz on the road to Ciudad Bolivar.
By Bus: Urban busetas do not call directly at the airport, but pass within walking distance.
Updated 1994

Coro (CZE):

Location: 1km/1 mile N of the City.
On Foot: 5-10 minute walk north of the City.
Updated 1994

Cumana (CUM):

Location: 4km/2 miles SE of the City

Gran Roque/Los Roques (LRV):

Location: In the town of Gran Roque, main island of the archipelago.
Transport: Walk into town. Boats available to other islands.
Notes: VEB 10 entry to National Park payable on arrival.
Updated Aug00 Visit. Visited Airport

Guiria (GUI):

Location: Short distance N of Town Centre.
On Foot: 20 min walk.

Maracaibo-La Chinita (MAR):

Location: 12 km/7 miles SW of the City.
By Taxi: US$10. No public transport runs to the City.
Updated 2000

Margarita Island - Porlamar (PMV):

Location: 20 km/12 miles SW of Porlamar.
By Taxi: US$10.
By Bus: Frequent minibuses to Porlamar cost US$2.
Updated 2000

Merida (MRD):

Location: Inside city limits, 2 km SW of Plaza Bolivar.
By Taxi: US$4.
By Bus: Local buses pass close to airport frequently.
Updated 2000

Puerto Ayacucho (PYH):

Location: 6 km/4 miles SE of Town.
By Taxi: US$4.

Santa Elena de Uairen (SNV):

Location: 7 km/4 miles SW of Town.
By Taxi: US$6.
Updated 2000

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