To and From the Airport

Eua - Kaufana (EUA):

Location: At the west of 'Eua island, not far from Hideaway Resort.
By Taxi: Reported to be available.
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Ha'apai Lifuka (HPA):

Location: At the North end of Lifuka Island, 5 km/3 Miles N of Pangai.
By Taxi: To Pangai TOP 5-6.
By Bus: Infrequent buses run to Pangai for ~TOP 1.
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Niuatoputapu (NTT):

Location: Close to Hihifo.
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Nuku'Alofa - Fua'Amotu Intl (TBU):

Location: 5 Miles/8 km SE of Nuku'Alofa on Tongatapu Island.
Airport Overview: 2 very basic terminals: Intl & Domestic. They are about 1.5 km/1 Mile apart, and it is not really practical to walk between them. Teta Tours, Tel 23 690 or 24 506, will transfer passengers for a small fee.
By Taxi: To Nuku'alofa town TOP 40/25-35 mins. Taxis meet all arriving flights at both terminals. To call a taxi: 873 0985. Joe's Friendly Island Tours, Tel (676) 41 954. Notes from a Traveller Oct13: There are signs for fixed fares for taxis and shuttles to downtown (or similar distances such as the south coast) shown on a sign at the taxi/bus area. It is TOP 40 for a taxi and TOP 15 per persons for a shuttle. We did not have to pay any departure tax in cash when we left (with Air New Zealand to Auckland).

By Bus:
Teta Tours Bus: A Teta Tours bus runs from both terminals at the airport to Nuku'Alofa town for TOP 10 per person. Tel 23 690 or 24 506 to arrange.
Dateline Hotel Bus: A coach service is reported to operate between Nuku'Alofa, the Dateline Hotel and the Airport.
Hotel Buses: Several hotels, including the Black Pearl Inn can provide transfers for guests. Typical cost ~TOP 20 for a single person, or TOP 15 per person in a group.

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: AVIS +676 21179 or 35224, has a sign next to the bank outside Intl arrivals. Ask here about rentals.
Off-Airport Rental Car Providers: E.M.Jones Rental Cars Tel (676)30221/30220 & Jones Travel & Tours (676) 23423 or 26110/26111.
Notes: Drivers need to buy a local driving license from the Traffic Division of the Police Station in Nuku Alofa. Mon-Fri only. Cost T$17.25. It is valid for 3 months

Car Parking: Car Parking is available outside each terminal. Car Parking is free of charge.
Notes: There is an ATM/Cash Machine just outside Intl arrivals, as well as currency exchange desks.
Airport Tax: Some sources say TOP 25 for all intl departures, payable at the airport in cash, Tongan currency only. Passengers transiting for 24 hrs or less and children under 12 are exempt. There is no domestic departure tax. Other sources say that there is now no Intl departure tax payable.
Airport Tel No: +676 32001.
Updated Oct13 M Kraemer. Last Visit May07

Vava'u (VAV):

Location: Towards the north of the island, 7 km/4 Miles N of Neiafu.
By Taxi: To Neiafu TOP 8-10.
By Bus: Many hotels and resorts provide transfers including the Paradise International Hotel, which charges ~TOP 5 for non-residents.
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