To and From the Airport

Tianjin 天津 - Binhai 滨海 (TSN):

Location: 15 km/9 Miles from the City
Airport Overview: A single terminal with arrivals and transport on the lower (ground) level and check-in & departures upstairs.
By Taxi: Taxis wait on the lower level, on the outer roadway. Cost: Meters claim to charge CNY 8 for the first 3 km, then CNY 3 per km. However: To the city center CNY 80-100, to the railway station CNY 85. Takes 20-30 mins to reach the city centre.

By Bus to Tianjin:
Airport Bus to Tianjin Railway Station: Route: A minibus runs to and from the main railway station in the City (天津火车站). There are no stops on the way. The bus stop at the airport is on the lower (arrivals) level, on the middle roadway. There is a ticket desk next to the stop. The stop near the railway station in Tianjin city is much harder to find. Take a printed card with 天津机场 (Tianjin Airport) written on it and ask station staff who are happy to point out where the bus stop is. Basically, exit the station on the lower level, at the exit nearest platform 17. Turn left and walk about 5 mins until you get to a point opposite Apartment Block #10. Here you will see a makeshift bus station with a few buses and taxis waiting. A minibus with 机场巴士 written on the front and back is the airport bus. There are no signs in English. The bus stop is one block NW of the train station.
Timings: Buses seem tom depart every 30 mins during the day starting around 0600.
Cost: CNY 10. Pay the driver on exiting the bus at the airport, or on boarding at the airport. Travel Time: Takes ~30 mins. Contact: Tel 2490 6296.
Airport Shuttle Bus to Tianjin City: Route: A shuttle bus runs from the airport to Nanjing Rd & Xiang Bin Xiao Zhen Hotel in Tianjin city. The bus stop at the airport is on the lower (arrivals) level, on the middle roadway. There is a ticket desk next to the stop.
Timings: Buses leave the airport every 30 mins from 1015 until the last flight arrives. Buses leave the city every 30 mins 0600 until flights end.
Cost: CNY 10. Travel Time: Takes ~30 mins.

By Coach to Other Cities:
General: ctrip run coaches to several locations and have a booking desk on the arrivals level. Tel 022-2490 5966.
ALSA buses to Beijing City: Route: Buses run to Ba Wang Fen Bus Station in Beijing. Timings: Buses depart Tianjin airport at 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1700 & 1900. Buses leave Beijing at 0730, 0930, 1030, 1330 & 1630. Cost: CNY 35.
ctrip buses to Beijing Intl Airport: Timings: Buses depart Tianjin airport at 1000, 1300, 1400, 1540 & 1700. Cost: CNY 35.
ctrip buses to Tang Gu: Timings: Buses depart the airport every 30 mins 0830-2300.

Rental Cars: There is a desk in the arrivals area for Yestock Rental Car where cars (presumably with drivers) can be hired. Tel 400 658 1658.
Car Parking: Car parks are in front of the terminal on the lower level. Cost: CNY 4 per hour. 24 hrs CNY 60, each extra day CNY 50.
Money Services: There is a Travelex Bureau de Change/Currency Exchange on the lower/arrivals level. No ATM was visible in November 2011.
Notes: There is a train ticket booking desk and a coach travel desk in arrivals. There is a left luggage area on the lower/arrivals level. Tel 24906386.
Airport Tel No: 2490 6363.
Updated Nov11 Visit. Last Visit Nov11

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