To and From the Airport

Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Intl (TLV):

Location: 19 km/12 Miles E of Tel Aviv, 50km/31 Miles W of Jerusalem.
Airport Overview: 2 Terminals, 1 & 3. Terminal 1 is used by most low-cost international airlines departures and domestic flights. Terminal 3 is used by most international airlines departures and all arrivals. A shuttle bus runs between terminal 1 and the upper level of Terminal 3. There is a train station on the lower (basement) level of Terminal 3. Many bus services run from nearby Airport City rather than the terminals.

By Taxi:
General: Taxis can be found near the arrivals halls. Taxi Night rate applies to night journeys between 2101-0529. The tariff also applies to the Sabbath, the day before holidays, Jewish holidays and Independence Day, from 1600-0529.
Approximate Costs (Set fares): On-Demand taxis have costs defined by zones rather that by the taxi meter MBA is the On-Demand taxi provider for Fort Myers airport.
Approximate Costs: To Tel Aviv city ILS 144 by da (148.5 NIS with bag, 4 pax with 4 bags is 171 NIS), 163 at night (165.8 NIS with bag, 4 pax with 4 bags is 191 NIS). To Haifa, Nesher, Tivon, Rekhasim, Yokne'am & Tirat Hacarmel: NIS 513 (NIS 627) to residential addresses. To Naharia, Lokhamei ha-Geta'ot & Rosh Hanikra: NIS 650 (NIS 798) to residential addresses. To Ma'ale Adumim: NIS 285 (NIS 342). To Nazareth NIS 559 (NIS 684), Rehovot NIS 131 (NIS149), Tiberia NIS 653 (NIS 804).
Long Distance Fares: To Eilat NIS 1355 (day)/1682 (night), Ashdod NIS 214/253, Ashquelon NIS 286/343, Beer Sheva NIS 438/533, Herzelya NIS 154/178, Haifa NIS 473/578, Jersusalem NIS 238/284, Dead Sea Hotels NIS 649/799, Nazaret NIS 537/658 & Natanya NIS 247/295
Taxi Companies: The Nesher Company runs a shared taxi service between the airport and Jerusalem, charging a fixed rate per passenger. Tel (02) 625-7227. Amal Company 04 864 1119 operates a similar service to Haifa, the Krayot and the north of Israel. Tel (04) 866-2324. Hadar-Lod Taxis operate to all destinations. Tel (03) 971-1103.

By Limo:
Other Companies: Sashir Transportation runs to and from the airport, 24 hours a day, by advance telephone booking. Company counters are in the parking lot opposite Terminal 3. Contact: Tel (03) 975 4033.
Super B Guided tours, transportation and VIP limousines. Company counters are in the parking lot opposite Terminal 3. Contact: Tel (03) 973-1780.

By Bus:
General: Public transport services are in the three-storey bridge on the second floor, next to Gates 21 and 23. Many Egged Buses stop at nearby Airport City, rather than the airport terminals. Egged Bus #5 serves as a shuttle from Airport City to Ben-Gurion Airport terminals and back. Egged Bus lines 249, 423, 475, 930, 943, 947 & 950 stop at Airport City and do not pass through Ben-Gurion Airport terminals.
Egged Bus #5 to Airport City: Route: Runs from Airport City - right turn to road 453 - El-Al Junction - Ben-Gurion Airport Square - Terminal 2 - Terminal 1 - Terminal 3. Some bus lanes will pass through the Eastern Support area.
Cost: Passengers wishing to transfer from the terminals via the shuttle and onto another Egged service will travel free of charge. Passengers who use only the shuttle line will pay the internal bus fare.
Egged Bus #239 to Ramla & Lod: Bus #239 runs from Ramla and Lod to Ben Gurion Airport & Terminal 3, through the Eastern Support Area.
Timings: 1505, 1605, 1705 & 1805.
Superbus service to Shoham: Superbus operates a bus line to Shoham. Contact: Tel 1 700 700 181.
Connex Bus to Modi'in: Connex operates a bus line to Modi'in. Contact: Tel *6686.
Connex Bus to Ashdod: Connex operates a bus line to Ashdod. Contact: Tel *6686.
Metropoline bus to Be'er Sheva: Metropoline operates a bus line to Be'er Sheva. Contact: Tel *5900.
Egged Bus#475: Runs from Airport City (not the Terminals) to Tel Aviv and leaves ~every 10 mins during the day and goes to the central bus station (takes 30-45 mins). Operates 0500-2300.
To Jerusalem: Buses to Jerusalem and Haifa on routes 423 & 947 leave Airport City every 30 mins, 0530-2300 (takes ~45 mins). Buses are operated by the Egged Co-operative 03 694 8888. Tickets can be bought on the bus.
Nesher Tours operates a shuttle bus service to Jesusalem from outside Terminal 3. Contact: Tel 1 599 500 205 or see
Other Nesher Tour Buses: In addition to the Jerusalem service (see above), Nesher Tours operates a shuttle bus service to several destinations from outside Terminal 3. Timings: Buses leave when full, or one hour after the first passenger arrives, whichever is sooner.
Cost: To settlements along the Number 1 Highway (GivatZe'Ev, Moshav Ora, Moshav Aminadav, Even Sapir, Kiryat Anavim, Beit Nekufa, Abu Gosh, Tzuvah, & Shoeva): Bus Station NIS 37.50, private address NIS 58.50. To Har Hadar, Nataf, Ma'Aleh Ha'Chamisha, Kiryat Ya'Arim, Naveh Ilan, Beit Meir, Soresh, Ramat Raziel & Kaslon: Bus Station NIS 37.50, private address NIS 62.03. To Ma'Ale Adumim Bus Station NIS 43.70, private address NIS 67.70.
Contact: Tel 1 599 500 205 or see
Amal Bus to Jerusalem: Amal Bus operates a shuttle bus service to Haifa from outside Terminal 3. Cost: To Haifa Zone: To Kiryat Ha, Memshala, Pal Yam Bvd, Nesher, Tivon, Rehasim, Yokneam & Tirat Hacarmel: Bus Station NIS 69.70, private address NIS 108. To Akko Zone: Bus Station NIS 81.50, private address NIS 126.80. To Nahariya Zone: Bus Station NIS 86.60, private address NIS 134.60.
Contact: Tel 04-866 2324 or 04-864 1110.
Flo Shuttle to Tel Aviv hotels: The Flo Shuttle, operates from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv hotels and costs $17 per person. The shuttle departs every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day, but must be pre-booked online. Website: Flo Shuttle

By Train:
General: There is a direct rail link from Ben Gurion airport (terminal 3) to Tel Aviv and onwards to all parts of Israel. The train station is located on Level S (basement) of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters' Hall. There is no train service during Shabbat (from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening)
Details: Route: The airport is on the Yellow Line: Modi'in Merkaz - Pe'atey Modi'in - Ben Gurion Airport T3 - Tel Aviv HaHagana - Tel Aviv HaShalom - Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz (most central sation) - Tel Aviv University - Binyamina - Atlit - Haifa Hof HaCarmel - Haifa - Bat Galim - Haifa Merkaz HaShemona - Lev HaMifratz - Hutzot HaMifratz - Qiryat Haim - Qiryat Motzkin - Akko - Nahariyya.
Travel Time: The trip to Tel Aviv takes less than 20 mins.
Cost: To Tel Aviv: NIS 14.50 one way. Train tickets can be purchased from ticket machines on Level G of terminal 3. Change at any of the Tel Aviv stations for the other lines.
Contact: For information on schedules and fares call Israel Railways Information Service on 03-6117000 or *5770 from any mobile phone.

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental car Providers: Car rental companies' counters are on the first floor of the Eastern Gallery in the Greeters' Hall. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Collecting & returning of rental cars is handled in the Car Rental Site, next to the UPS building. The Rental Companies operate a shuttle bus service between Terminal 3 and the car rental site. The shuttle stop is located on Level G, opposite Terminal 3, next to the Orchard (East) car park. The following companies are represented: AVIS 03 97 73 20 08, Budget 971 1505, Eldan 977 3400, HERTZ 977 2444 & eSixT.

Car Parking:
General: The Vineyard & Orchard car parks are opposite Terminal 3.
Short Stay: 1st hour NIS 16, each extra hour NIS 3. Daily Max NIS 80.
Long Stay: 24 hours NIS 35. Each extra hour NIS 9. Daily Max NIS 35.
Special Parking: 1st hour NIS 25, each extra hour NIS 5. Daily Max NIS 130.

Airport Tax: US$13 payable on departure, although other sources say none.
Baggage Storage: Left luggage facilities reported to be available.
Notes: ATMs/Cash Machines are in arrivals, but not all accept foreign cards.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +972 (3) 971 0111.
Updated Apr14 Visit. Last Visit Apr14.

Tel Aviv - Sde Dov/Dov Hoz (SDV):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles N of the City centre.

By Taxi:
General: There is a taxi rank at the airport during the hours of operation of the airport. To hire a taxicab, see the taxi dispatcher at the dispatcher’s hut, on the sidewalk, ~20 meters from the arrivals hall.
Meter Rates: Taxi fares are in accordance with the meter, with the addition of NIS 3.4 for a trip from Sde Dov and NIS 2.5 per piece of luggage other than hand luggage. To Tel Aviv city centre ~15 mins.

By Bus:
General: The following buses stop at the airport:
Dan bus #26: Runs to and from Bat Yam via Jaffa.
Dan bus #29: Runs to and from the new Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.
Egged bus #89A: Runs to and from Holon at limited times
Egged bus #192A: Runs to and from Rishon Lezion at limited times only.
Other Buses: In Addition, all buses traveling along Namir Road that stop at Seminar Hakibbutzim Teachers' College. From there, it is about a 7 minute walk to the airport.

Rental Cars: On-Airport Rental Car Providers: 4 Car rental companies operate at the airport: AVIS, Budget, HERTZ & eSixT. Special Procedures: Picking up a rented car: Inbound passengers who booked a car should go to the Operations Center, 20m to the right of the main gate. Present an identifying document in order to get the keys to the vehicle, which will be parked in the parking bays parallel to the sidewalk. The parking bays are marked with the signs of the rental company. The Operations Center is open in accordance with the hours of operation of the Airport. Returning a rented car: Passengers who are returning a rented vehicle at the Airport, should park the car in a parking bay parallel to the sidewalk, in accordance with the signposts on the spot. The keys to the vehicle may be handed over to the Operations Center, located ~20m from the gate.
Notes: Only domestic flights operate at this airport. This airport will close in the future (date unknown) and all flights will transfer to Ben Gurion.
Updated Apr14 ADV.

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