To and From the Airport

Bratislava - Ivanka/Stefanik (BTS):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles NE of Bratislava City, 60km/37 miles E of Vienna.
By Taxi: To Bratislava SKK 300-600/20 mins. Taxis wait right outside the terminal.

By Bus:
Bus#61 to Bratislava City: Runs from the airport to the main railway station (Hlavna stanica) 0500-2300 which is about 1 km north of the city centre. Route: Letisko (Bratislava Airport), Letisko - terminál (Bratislava Airport Terminal), Cesta na letisko, Záhradníctvo, Avion - IKEA, Avion - Hypernova, Słowackého, Clementisova, Martinský cintorín, Závod SAD, Trnavská, Sabinovská, Bajkalská, ST Aréna, Trnavské mýto, Račianske mýto, Karpatská, Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station).
Cost: There is now a public transport kiosk in arrivals, just past the change bureau and next to the ATMs, which sells the full range of tickets meaning you no longer need to get change for the machines. 30-minute ticket (45 min at weekends) is SKK18/€0.75, 60-minute (90 min at weekends) is SKK22, 24-hour ticket (from stamping) is SKK90, 48-hr SKK180, 72-hr SKK210 & 1 week SKK310. The bus ride to the train station is ~28 mins. Travelling without valid ticket incurs a fine of SKK 1400 (and plain-clothed inspectors are on the buses) and if you don't have enough money, you will have to pay an additional fine! Baggage exceeding 30x40x60cm must also be paid for (SKK 27), otherwise a fine of SKK 35 is charged. Animals may be carried for SKK 70, but there is a fine of SKK 140 if the animal fouls on the bus!!! (Seriously I am not making this up!)
Timings: The bus runs regularly, every 10-20 mins 0445-2305, even on the weekend. Note: Asking for a bus ticket for the airport at the BUS station will get you a ticket to Vienna Airport in Austria. This service costs SKK 210 (Less than €5) The hourly service puts you right outside the Vienna Airport terminal in ~1 hour! Great service operated by Eurolines. Travel Time: To the city 21 mins.
Notes from a Traveller July 2010: Bus 61, cost was €0.75 from very confusing ticket machine. There are several 60 min tickets, but all instructions are in Slovak, nothing in English.
Postbus to Vienna City & Vienna Airport: There is now a new connection between Bratislava Airport and Vienna City & Vienna Airport. Travel time is about 90 mins and reservations are recommended!
Cost: Single ticket: 9 €. Return ticket: 16 € (valid 180 days). Luggage: first 2 pieces: 1€, more: 2€ per piece. Tickets are available on the bus.
Notes from a Traveller in Oct 2008: This connection is mostly recommended for people arriving in Bratislava because I have often met people who were completely lost at BTS airport because there was no information about connections to Vienna.

Airport to Airport: To Vienna Airport (Austria) by taxi SKK 2000. Eurolines Bus Service to Vienna Airport costs SKK 210 (Less than €5). The hourly service puts you right outside the Vienna Airport terminal in ~1 hour.

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: AVIS, Hertz, EUROPCAR & eSixT.

Baggage Storage: Left luggage facilities reported to be available.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +421 2 4333 8840.
Updated Jul10 M Skids

Košice (KSC):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles SSW of Kosice city centre.
By Taxi: To the city ~SKK 250/10 mins.
By Bus: #13 or 23 bus runs to the railway station in the city. Route: Airport - Sou dopravné - Námestie oslobodiťeľov - Railway station. Timings from the airport: Mon-Fri: 0610, 0710, 0810, 1010, 1210, 1440, 1540, 1640, 1810 & 2010. Weekends: 0610, 0810, 1010, 1210, 1410, 1610, 1810 & 2010. Timings from the railway station: Mon-Fri: 0532, 0632, 0732, 0932, 1132, 1332, 1457, 1557, 1732 & 1932. Weekends: 0532, 0732, 0932, 1132, 1332, 1532, 1732 & 1932. Cost: SKK 12/15 mins.
Airport Website:
Rental Cars: Several companies are at the airport.
Updated Jan10 ADV

Piešťany (PZY):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles N of Piestany city.
Airport Website:
Updated Oct05 www

Poprad - Tatry (TAT):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles WNW of Poprad.
Rental Cars: Several companies are at the airport.
Airport Tel No: +421 (0)52 776 3875.
Updated Jan10 ADV

Sliač (SLD):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles NW of Sliac, 10 km/6 Miles S of Banská Bystrica & 7 km/4 Miles N of Zvolen.
By Taxi: Available.
By Bus: A bus service is reported to serve the airport.
Car Parking: Free.
Airport Website:
Updated Oct05 www

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