To and From the Airport

Freetown - Lungi (FNA):

Location: 15 km/10 Miles NNE of Freetown, but much, much further by road as it lies across the river. Travel by road is not to be contemplated due to the large distance and poor roads.
By Taxi: To the airport Ferry quay 10-15 mins.
By Helicopter: Helicopter services run in connection with most major flights to transport passengers to Mammy Yoko Heliport on Cape Rd, Aberdeen (near Freetown). However, due to concerns about safety and maintenance of the helicopters, United States Government employees are currently authorized to use only the Pan African Helicopter Service or the ferry boat. When I visited in November 04, it seemed that only Paramount Airlines (Tel 272 006 or 232) were in operation. They operate Russian military helicopters on the route. Cost: To Mammy Yoko SLL 107 000. Travel Time: 7-10 mins.
By Hovercraft: A hovercraft service operated by Diamond Airlines (Tel +232 22 292 207 or 272 124. Mobile 076 604 336 or 076 608 171) runs to the Mahera Beach Lungi Hotel near the airport from Old Cape Rd, Aberdeen (close to the Heliport at Mammy Yoko). In November 2004, it was suspended due to the unserviceability of the hovercraft. Could restart at any time. Takes 25-35 mins+ depending on weather.
By Boat: A vehicle and pedestrian ferry runs from the airport quay at Lungi Tagrin to Kissy Terminal and Government in Central Freetown and is considered to be safe. Cost: SLL 5000. Takes 45-60 mins+.
Rental Cars: Reported to be available on arrival, but none seen on my visit.
Airport Tax: Departure: Rumoured to be US$10, but I was not charged.
Notes: Left luggage facilities available. Small Post Office hut outside the terminal.
Airport Hotel: Lungi Airport Hotel is close to the terminal.
Airport Tel No: +232 22 224 660.
Updated Jan10. Last Visit Nov04

Freetown - Mammy Yoko Heliport (JMY):

Location: On Cape Rd, next to the UN HQ in Aberdeen, about 6 km/4 Miles W of central Freetown.
By Taxi: To the city centre ~SLL 15 000/15-25 mins. Mohamed Kamara Taxis. Tel 231760 (Home) or 030 201092 (Mobile).
Notes: Foreign exchange office is at the heliport. Check-in time 10 mins before departures.
Updated Nov04 Visit. Last Visit Nov04

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