To and From the Airport

Jinan/Ji'Nan 濟南 - Xijiao (TNA):

Airport Website:
Location: 40 km/25 Miles of the City.
By Taxi: To the city ~CNY 130/40 mins.
By Bus: A Bus runs to the Airline Offices in Town, while another runs to the Silver Plaza Shopping Centre.
Notes from a Traveller October 2009: The departure boards are now bi-lingual, many signs are in English and there are many staff working there who can speak English. I found them very helpful when collecting a ticket at the airport.
Airport Tel No: 694 9400.
Updated Oct09 Ray

Qingdao 青岛 - Liuting (TAO):

Airport Website:
30 km/22 Miles NE of the City.
By Taxi: Toi the city CNY 100-120.
By Bus: To China Eastern Airlines Office in Town. Not frequent. A shuttle bus runs ~every 30 mins to XiangGang Lu where you can connect with other buses. Cost ~CNY15.
Airport Tel No: 484 3331.
Updated Apr03 www

Weifang 潍坊 (WEF):

Location: 5 km/3 miles from the City.
Notes from a Traveller: Mixed civil/miltary airfield. Don't be surprised if attempts are made to put you back on the aircraft during the stopover. All passengers have to exit the plane upon landing even if you are flying elsewhere. It is assumed that no European will get off at Weifang. No facilities except WC and you don't really need them, honestly. No English spoken. Luggage manhandled. Very basic white concrete block is the terminal. Claims it has 17 domestic airlines - I am suprised.
Updated Jul03 AJJ

Weihai 威海 - Dashuipo (WEH):

Location: 37 km/23 Miles SSE of Weihai.
Updated Apr06 www

Yantai 煙台 - Laishan (YNT):

Airport Website:
Location: 15 km/11 Miles S of the City.
By Taxi: ~CNY 50-70 to the city.
By Bus: Airport bus Y10.
Airport Tel No: 624 1330.
Updated 1996

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