To and From the Airport

Astrakhan/Астрахань (ASF):

Location: 12 km/7 Miles SSW of the city centre.
By Taxi: Available.
By Bus: Bus #5 runs to the city, connecting the airport with the train station and Lenin Square. Trolleybus #3 runs along a similar route.
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Kazan/Казань (KZN):

Location: 22 km/14 Miles SSE of the city centre.
By Bus: Buses run between the tran station in the city and the airport ~every hour 0400-2230.
Airport Tel No: Info: 379 807.
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Samara/Самара - Kurumoch (KUF):

Location: 31 km/19 Miles N of Samara, 43 km/27 Miles E of Togliatti, near Kurumoch.
By Taxi: Available, but beware of over zealous pricing.
By Bus: Reported to be available.
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Ulyanovsk/Ульяновск - Vostochny/Восточный (ULY):

Location: 32 km/20 Miles ENE of Ul'yanovsk city centre.
By Taxi: To the city ~RUR 150.
By Bus: Bus #330 runs to the city. Bus #6 runs to Ulitsa Goncharova, near the Venets Hotel.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +7 (8) 8422 29 29 20.
Notes: Formerly known as Simbirsk.
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Volgograd/Волгоград - Gumrak (VOG):

Location: 13 km/8 Miles NW of the city centre.
By Taxi: To the city RUR 200-300, but many drivers charge much more.
By Bus: Buses run to the Volga Airlines Office in the city ~every 30 mins.
Airport Website:
Updated Oct04 www

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