To and From the Airport

Kaliningrad/Калининград (KGD):

Location: 22 km/14 Miles NNE of the city.
By Taxi: From the airport ~RUR 300, to the airport somewhat less. Allo Taxi Tel 35 94 44, Grad 44 76 17, Regata 51 29 10 & State Taxi 058.
By Bus: Bus #128 runs from the bus station in the city to the domestic terminal throughout the day. The first departure from the bus station is at 0630 and from the airport at 0720. The last departure from the bus station at 1940 and from the airport at 2040. On Sunday, Tuesday & Friday the last bus leaves later - 2100 from the bus station and 2215 from the airport. RUR 35/~30 mins. There are no reported services to the International terminal, nor any means of transferring betwen the 2 terminals. It is recommended to book a transfer in advance. To order a bus to the Airport from the city call 44 36 35. To get to the International Airport 45 95 69.
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St Petersburg - Pulkovo/ Санкт Петербург - Пулкого (LED):

Website: Saint Petersburg Airport
Location: 16 km/10 Miles S of the City.
Airport Overview: There are 2 terminals Pulkovo 1 & Pulkovo 2, that are a long way apart, with no shuttle bus to connect them. The only way of getting to the other terminal is by taxi which often costs more than the trip to the city centre. Scheduled flights to and from Western Europe normally use Pulkovo 2 (or Pulkovo International). Domestic flights & charter flights to Southern Europe, Black Sea (Turkey) and the Mediterranean area use Pulkovo 1. Occaisional flights to Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo and Osaka sometimes depart from Pulkovo 1. Check with the airline and allow time to change terminal if needed!
By Taxi: To the city center US$10-30, RUR 150-300, takes 15-20 mins. More expensive from the aiport than to the airport. Tel (812) 312- 00-22 or 313- 76-00. Heavy haggling will be required to get a good price. A pre-booked taxi generally costs around half that of one flagged down at the airport.

By Bus:
General: Buses stop outside each terminal.
Aeroflot Bus Runs to Nevsky Prospekt in the city. No details at the moment.
Bus #39 runs every 15-60 mins 0530-2400 from Terminal 1 to Moskovskaya Metro station. RUR 7/US$0.20/15-25 mins. Payable in Roubles.
Bus #13 runs every 15-60 mins 0530-2400 from Terminal 2 to Moskovskaya Metro station. RUR 7/US$0.20/15-25 mins. Payable in Roubles.

By Train: Metro Station Moskovskaya is linked to the Terminal by frequent buses. Bus #39 runs to Terminal 1 and Bus #13 to terminal 2. Total time to City Centre 40-60 mins/RUR 20-25.
Rental Cars: Several companies are at the airport including Eurocar.
Car Parking: Terminal 2 has parking right outside.
Baggage Storage: Left luggage lockers available 24 hrs in both arrivals and departures. RUR 1000 per hour, 20 000 per day.
Notes: Formerly known as Leningrad.
Airport Website: Saint Petersburg Airport
Airport Tel No: +7 812 104 3450.
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St. Petersburg - Rzhevka (RVH):

Location: 18 km/11 Miles ENE of the city centre.
Notes: This airport is hardly used any more, however occaisional charter flights do still land here.
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