To and From the Airport

Arkhangelsk/Архангельск/Archangel - Talagi (ARH):

Location: 11 km/7 Miles NWE of the city centre.
By Taxi: To the city ~RUR 200.
By Bus: Bus #531 and #12 run from the airport to the bus station in the city ~hourly 0600-1900. ~RUR 15.
Airport Tel No: +7 (8) 8182 23-78-90.
Notes: Talagi is Arkhangelsk's main airport, but there is a secondary airport, Vaskovo, see below, from which flights to the Solovetsky Islands operate.
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Arkhangelsk/Архангельск /Archangel - Vaskovo (ULAH):

Location: 30 km/19 from the city centre.
By Taxi: To the city ~RUR 150+.
Notes: This is Arkhangelsk's secondary airport used mainly for flights to the Sovetsky islands. The main airport is Talagi, above.
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Kirovsk/Кировск/Apatity/Апатиты - Khibiny (KVK):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles SW of Kirovsk & 9 km/6 Miles ENE of Apatity.
By Taxi: Available.
By Bus: To Apatity there is a bus every hour. Bus #130 stops at various places including the Polyarny cinema (kinoteatr Polyarny).
Airport Website:
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Kotlas (KSZ):

Location: 4 km/SE of Kotlas & 57 km/36 Miles NNE of Veliky Ustiug.
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Murmansk/Мурманск (MMK):

Location: 34 km/22 Miles SW of the City Centre.
By Taxi: Up to RUR 500/45 mins. Tel 23 77 70 or 23 70 70.
By Bus: Buses 106 & 106э (the express bus) run between the airport and the city every 20-30 mins. ~RUR 20/30 mins+. Stops at the train station in the city and at Detsky Mir.
Airport Tel No: +7 (815) 258-32-54.
Airport Hotel: Available.
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Syktyvkar (SCW):

Location: Very close to the city centre - a 10 minute walk.
By Bus: The airport is next to the bus station.
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Vologda/Вологда (VGD):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles NNE of the city centre.
By Taxi: Available at a cost of ~RUR 150 per hour. Tel 774175.
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