To and From the Airport

Abakan/Абакан (ABA):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles NW of the city centre.
By Bus: The airport is served by Bus #15, which starts at the airport and then goes along Prospekt Druzhba Narodov, Ulitsa Shchetinkina & Ulitsa Pushkina, and finally stops near the main bus station.
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Igarka/Игарка (IAA):

Location: On an island to the S of the city.
By Bus: Reported to run to the city.
By Boat: Reported to run to the city.
By Helicopter: Reported to cost ~RUR 100 to the city.
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Irkutsk/Иркутск (IKT):

Location: 14 km/9 miles SE of the City.
By Taxi: US$8 for the first passenger, US$4 for additional passengers. 15 mins to the city. Contact GreenExpress.
By Bus: Trolleybus #4 runs into the city and stops on Ulitsa Lenina.
Airport Tel No: +7 (8) 395 227-05-57 or Info 27 12-56 27-12-74.
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Krasnoyarsk/Красноярск - Yemelyanovo (KJA):

Location: 38 km/24 Miles WNW of the city centre.
By Bus: Bus #135 runs into the city, with a stop at Cheremshanka airport. It can take a while to reach the city.
Notes: This is Krasnoyarsk's main airport.
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Krasnoyarsk/Красноярск - Cheremshanka:

Location: 35 km/22 Miles NW of the city centre.
By Bus: Bus #135 runs into the city in one direction, and to Yemelyanova airport in the other.
Notes: This is Krasnoyarsk's 2nd airport with very few flights operating.
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Kyzyl (KYZ):

Location: 6 km/4 Miles SW of the city centre.
By Bus: Bus #1 or 1A runs into the city. Stops on Ulitsa Kochetova.
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Location: 25 km NE of Severobaikalsk.
By Bus: A bus runs every hour or so to Nizhneangarsk and to Severobaikalsk.
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Ulan Ude/Улан Удэ - Mukhino (UUD):

Location: 12 km/7 Miles W of the city centre.
By Bus: Bus #55 runs to Soviet Square in the city every 15-20 mins. ~RUR 10/20 mins.
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Ust-Kut/Усть-Кут (UKX):

Location: 15 km/9 Miles ESE of Ust'-Kut.
By Bus: Bus #101 runs to Lena station in town.
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Yakutsk/Якутск (YKS):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles NNE of the city.
By Taxi: Call 43-93-93, 26-08-08, 46-74-47 or 44-44-44.
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