To and From the Airport

History of the Site

To and from the airport began as a project in about 1996 and has grown exponentially ever since.

Explanatory Notes

Each airport entry is made up of a number of pieces of information, most of them self explanatory. Here is an example:

Málaga, Spain (AGP):

Location: 12 km/7 Miles E of the City.
By Taxi: To Malaga €8, Algeciras €110, Antequera €50, Benalmádena Costa €13 and San Pedro Alcántara €56. Call Radio Taxi 952 040 804 or Unitaxi 952 333 333.
By Train: Train line runs from Málaga in the E to Fuengirola in the W with a stop at the airport, near Terminal 2. Trains run 0545-2345 every 30 mins. Cost: To Malaga €0.95 Mon-Fri €1,05 at other times including Holidays. Call 952 128 267 for info.
By Bus: Tourist shuttle buses and Bus #19 runs to Málaga (every 30 mins 0630-0000) and can be caught outside Intl Arrivals. Cost €1. Call 952 210 295. Further transport information is available tel (0)95 204 8804.
By Shuttle Van: Niagara Airbus runs to Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Reservations on-line.
Rental Cars: AVIS Budget EUROPCAR Hertz Helle-Hollis (952 048 565) & Europa Rentacar.
Airport Website:
Notes: Guarulhos is the Intl airport for Sao Paulo serving all international destinations and some Brazilian cities too.
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The name of the city or airport, followed by its country or state where necessary. In a country which does not use a Latin alphabet, every effort is made to write the name in the local script, and to translate the word - Airport.
The 3 letter IATA code is shown in brackets. If there is no IATA code, then a 4 letter ICAO code may be shown instead.
The location in both kilometres and miles is shown. NOTE this is the direct distance as the crow flies - the road distance may be considerably longer. The road distance is sometimes shown in the TAXI section or in the By Road section.
By Taxi: Approximate fares in an appropriate currency, transfer times and a selection of companies and phone numbers is given.
By Bus or Van: In some countries (eg USA) a door to door minivan service is available from airports.
Rental Cars: A selection of Rental car companies are shown together with links to their websites. Preference is given to companies with on-airport locations.
Links to Airport websites are shown where possible, as are Airport telephone numbers.
The date the information was last updated is shown, followed by the source. Visit indicates personal visit, www by internet and a set of initials indicates a personal update by a visitor to the website - many thanks.
Notes: Any other useful information or link may be shown as a note.


pax → passenger
€ → Euro
USD → US Dollar
GBP → UK pound
N E S W → North East etc
Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun etc → Monday, Friday etc
# → Number
~ → Approximately
Intl → International
mins → minutes