To and From the Airport

Alta (ALF):

Location: 5 km/3 miles ENE of Town.
Updated Jun07 ADV

Båtsfjord (BJF):

Location: ½ km/½ miles NW of Batsfjord.
By Taxi: To the city ~NOK 70.
Rental Cars: Statoil.
Updated Jun07 ADV

Berlevåg (BVG):

Location: 2 km/1½ miles NW of Berlevag.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK80.
Rental Cars: Statoil +47 769 81714.
Updated Jun07 ADV

Hammerfest (HFT):

Location: 1½ km/1 Mile N of town.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK 60.
Rental Cars: AVIS.
Updated Apr05 ADV

Hasvik (HAA):

Location: 2 km/1½ miles N of town.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK 30.
Updated Dec03 www

Honningsvåg - Valan (HVG):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles N of Honningsvag, 3 km/2 Miles NW of Nordvågen.
By Taxi: To town NOK 60.
Rental Cars: AVIS & Hertz.
Updated Dec03 www

Kirkenes - Hoybuktmoen (KKN):

Location: 6 km/4 miles W of town.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK200. Road distance 13 km/8 Miles.
By Bus: NOK 50.
Updated Apr05 ADV

Mehamn (MEH):

Location: 1½ km/1 miles SW of town.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK50.
Rental Cars: AVIS.
Updated Dec03 www

Vadsø (VDS):

Location: 5 km/3 miles ESE of Vadso.
By Taxi: To town ~NOK70.
Updated Jun07 ADV

Vardø - Svartnes (VAW):

Location: On the mainland opposite Vardo Island. 3 km/2 Miles SW of Vardo town & 1 km/1 Mile SE of Svartnes town.
Updated Oct05 ADV

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