To and From the Airport

Kathmandu - Tribhuvan Intl (KTM):

Airport Website:
6 km/4 Miles E of the City.
Airport Overview: 2 small terminals, International and domestic. They are close together, with basic facilities only.
By Taxi: To the city NPR 400+/20-30 mins. Prepaid taxis are also available, but can be more expensive (NPR 600+) than hailing one outside the airport. Taxi drivers may try to overcharge tourists, so insist on paying no more than NPR 450 by day and 500 at night. It is possible to get cheaper taxis by walking away from the terminal to the main road. There are many people at the airport who will offer to carry your bags. They will expect to be paid!! NOTE: During 2012, fuel prices have increased alarmingly, and drivers of metered taxis will usually refuse to use the meter. If you take a taxi from the terminal, be prepared to negotiate heavily. Drivers will usually not go below NPR 400 to Thamel or Boudha.
By Bus: Dawn to dusk service NPR 40/35 mins.
Rental Cars: Reported to be available.
Other: Many hotels offer free transport.
Airport Tax: Arrival: Visa on arrival US$ 30. To avoid delay, try to obtain a visa form before arrival, and have it ready before landing. You will also need a passport sized photo. Departure Tax: Payable in cash at time of departure: NPR 100 Domestic, 500-600 India, Bangladesh etc, 1000 Intl.
Airport Tel No: +977 1 473 985.
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Pokhara (PKR):

Location: 5 km/3 miles S of the Bazaar area. 2 km/1 mile E of the Lakeside Area.
By Taxi: Taxis have black licence plates in Pokhara. Beware unofficial taxis. ~NPR 100 to Dam side and NPR 150 to Lakeside. Meters will not be used on the run to and from the airport, as local taxi drivers have fixed the price as shown. On arrival at the airport, you will be assigned a taxi, rather than allowed to choose your own.
By Bus: The city bus passes the airport and continues to hotes and accommodation in the city. Cost: NPR 5.
Note: As a result of poor weather and difficult terrain at this airport, flight cancellations are not uncommon. Allow plenty of time if connecting to international flight at Kathmandu.
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