To and From the Airport

Bishkek - Manas/Бишкек (FRU):

Location: 25 km/16 Miles N of the City.
By Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the terminal. To the city centre SOM 350-500 (KGS 10-20)/20-30 mins. Express Taxi Tel 156 & Super Taxi Tel 152.

By Bus:
Minibus #153: Route: Airport to and from Beyshenalieva bus stop (formerly Zavodskaya) in Chui avenue at the junction with Molodaya Gvardiya Blvd. Travel Time: Takes 40-50 mins. Timings: runs every 15-20 mins 0600-0000. Cost: SOM 40.
Minibus #380: Route: Runs from the Airport to Molodiya Street/Chui Prospekt (not easy to find) in the city centre. Travel Time: Takes 40-50 mins. Timings: runs every 15-20 mins 0600-0000. Cost: SOM 40.
Microbuses: Microbuses run to town every 30 mins for SOM 40. Takes 30 mins, and follow the route of the 153 Bus.

Rental Cars: Reported to be available.
Baggage Storage: Left luggage lockers available 24 hrs on the 1st floor.
Notes: Bishkek was formely known as Frunze.
Notes from a Traveller August 2011: I visited this airport in August 2011, arrived at 2230 and no public transport exists at this time.
Airport Tax: Intl departure tax US$10.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +996 612 903 853.
Updated Sep11 A Bota


Location: 2 km/1 Mile NW of town.
Notes: This airport is being superseded by Issyk-Kul Airport.
Updated Jan 05

Issyk-Kul/Yssyk-kul/Tamchy (UAFL):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles ENE of Tamchy.
Notes: This airport is slowly replacing Cholpon-Ata Airport.
Updated Jan 05.


Location: NW of the city centre.
By Taxi: ~KGS 100 to the city centre.
By Bus: Taxi-Bus # 1 or #5 run into the city centre and bus station.
Updated Jan 05


Location: 2 km/1 Mile NE of town.
By Taxi: Available.
Updated Jan 05

Osh (OSS):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles N of the city.
By Taxi: To the city centre ~KGS 100.
By Bus: Buses #2a & 7a run to the bazaar in the city every 30 mins or so until ~1800.
Updated Jan05

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