To and From the Airport

Pristina (PRN):

Location: 14 km/9 Miles SW of Priština/Prishtina & 3 km/2 Miles S of Slatina.
By Road: 18 km/11 Miles to Pristina city.
By Taxi: ~€25/~DEM 50 to the city centre. Takes ~30 mins. Taxi meters are generally used.
By Bus: Airport buses run every 2 hrs 0500-2300. They depart from the Grand Hotel in the centre of Prishtina.
Rental Cars: Shkodra +381 (0) 38 594 101.
Car Parking: Available next to the terminal. Charges: €2, regardless of time.
Airport Hotels: Motel Aviano Tel 044 15 99 03, is less than 2 km/1 mile from the airport.
Airport Website:
Updated Aug09. Last Visit Jun09

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