To and From the Airport

Busan/Pusan - Gimhae Intl (PUS):

Airport Website:
Location: 27 km/17 miles W of the City
By Bus: There are frequent public buses serving various destinations around Pusan (journey time to city centre 30-60 mins). ◊Buses also serve Ulsan, Masan and KyongJoo city. ◊KAL limousine buses run non-stop to the Hae-un-dae and Pusan Station via major hotels. Tel 051 973 2169.
Rental Cars: Car rental companies are located on the first floor of each terminal. Youngil 051 973 2002 is in the Intl terminal, whilst Kumho 051 973 1585 and Cheju are in the domestic terminal.
Airport Tel No: (051) 970 2414.
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Gwangju/Kwangju (KWJ):

Location: 9 km/5 miles WSW of the City.
By Taxi: ~KRW 1300-2000/20 mins.
By Bus: Bus #50 or Bus #999 run every 35 mins 0620-2210 to the train station and bus terminal. Takes ~40 mins to the city/KRW 1000.
By Train: A subway system is under construction and should soon run to the airport.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: (062) 940-0214.
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Jeju/Cheju Intl (CJU):

Location: 3 km/2 miles W of the City on the North coast of Cheju-do.
Website: Jeju Airport
By Taxi: Readily available.

By Bus:
Airport Limousine to Jeju City: An Airport Limousine Bus runs to the Seogwipo area of the city every 15 mins 0625-2225, and takes one hour twenty minutes, calling at Sin Jeju, the main hotels in the Jungmun Tourist Resort, and Seogwipo Harbor.
City Buses: Various City Airport Buses run to the City 0625-2225. Check the schedule as traffic conditions do vary. Tel 82-64-799-7000. The buses are:
Bus #100: Runs from the airport to the pier (every 10 mins takes 30 mins).
Bus#200: Runs Airport-SinJeju-Gwandeokjeong-Airport.
Bus #300: Runs to Seomunro.
Bus #500: Runs to Central road-Jeju UNIV.
Bus #600: Operates from the airport to the Jungmun Tourist Resort, then connects to Seogwipo Harbor.
Bus #702: Runs every 40 mins to Seongsan-Airport-Gosan.
Bus #705: Runs every 20 mins on the route Aewol-Airport-Hamdeok.

Rental Cars: JejuRentCar.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: (064) 742 3011.
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Mokpo (MPK):

Location: 6 km/4 miles S of the City, but the road distance is greater due to the sea in between.
By Taxi: An additional charge is made as the airport is in the Yeongam area, rather than Mokpo city. Fare from Mokpo city to the airport - KRW 15000.
By Bus: The Airport Limousine buses are run by Korean Airlines and other operators and run between the Airport and Mokpo Train Station for KRW 1300. For the ferry terminal, catch a bus or taxi from the Train Station. Airport Limousine Busess also run every few hours to Seoul, Busan & Jeju stopping at Seungu hospital, Jayu Market, Ssangyong & Jingogae.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: (061) 469 2114.
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Pohang (KPO):

Location: 8 km/5 miles SSE of the City.
By Taxi: To City hall or bus terminal KRW 7000, POSTECH KRW 8000, Guryongpo KRW 10000 or Heunghae KRW 12000.
By Bus: Take Bus#200 or 200-1 which run ~every 7 mins. Cost KRW 920.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: (054) 284 4767.
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Pyongyang - see North Korea Page

Seoul - see Seoul Page

Gaziantep (GZT):

Location: 15 km/9 Miles SSE of the city.
By Taxi: To the city ~US$20.
By Bus: There is a shuttle bus that leaves around 30 minutes after the arrival of scheduled flights, and runs to the City Centre. It costs TRY 5.
Rental Cars: Several companies are at the airport.
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Istanbul - see Istanbul Page

Yeosu (RSU):

Location: 17 km/11 miles NW of the City.
By Taxi: To Yeosu ~KRW 12,000, Suncheon, KRW 15,000 and Gwangyang KRW 20,000.
By Bus: Buses run every 15 mins to the city for KRW 600. An Airport limousine bus runs to the Ferry Terminal according to flight schedules for KRW 2500.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: (061) 683 7997.
Updated Jun03 www

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