To and From the Airport

Kobe (UKB):

Location: On a new island in Osaka Bay.
By Bus: To Osaka City center ~15 mins.
By Train: Kobe Airport will be connected to Sannomiya Station in Kobe city center by an extension of the existing Port Liner automated guideway transit system. Transfer time to the city will be ~16 mins. It is not certain when this train will begin operating.
Notes: Kobe Airport handles mostly domestic traffic, but international services may also operate.
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Osaka 大阪 - Kansai Intl (KIX):

Location: 38 km/24 Miles SW of Osaka on its own island.
Website: Osaka Airport
Driving directions: Road access to the airport island is via a dedicated access bridge (with a toll gate on entry), connecting to an expressway which serves all directions. Road distance 51 km/31 Miles.
By Taxi: To the city JPY 15 000-18 000/~50 mins. Taxis are readily available outside the passenger terminal, but offer little advantage over the train or bus as they usually take longer to reach the city.

By Bus:
OCAT Bus#880: Runs into the city for JPY 400/45 mins.
Limousine Buses: Run to hotels in the city centre. JPY 1300/45-60 mins.
Kyoto Buses: Regular departures. Buses from Kyoto leave from the front of the Avanti department store near Kyoto station. Cost JPY 2400/90-100 mins.
Nara Buses: Buses from Nara leave from Nara train station every hour or so. Cost JPY 1900/100-110 mins.
Kobe Buses: Buses run to Kobe for JPY 1900/~60 mins.
Itami Airport: A bus runs to Itami airport for JPY 2000/80 mins.

By Ferry: There are 4 sea ferry routes, from Kobe Port Island, Osaka (Tenpozan), Awaji Island (Tsuna) and Tokushima. An airport/ferry terminal shuttle bus service is available between the ferry terminal and passenger terminal every 7-10 mins and takes 6-8 mins.

By Train:
General: There is a train station connected to the 2nd floor of the airport terminal. Reservations can be made in advance on (0)724 566 282.
Rapid Train: The Ultra Modern Rapid Train takes ~30 mins to reach Nankai Namba train station in Osaka City, where connections to local destinations including Kobe and Kyoto can be made. Cost: To Namba JPY 1390 one way & Tennoji JPY 1800/30 mins.
Express Train: Kansai Airport Station runs an express train service to Shin Osaka Station (JPY 3000/45 mins) & Osaka Namba Station.
Regular Train: The regular train takes a little longer at ~40 mins but is cheaper at only JPY 900 one way.

Rental Cars: Car rental desks can be found on the 1st floor in the south area. Companies include Japaren, Matsuda, Mitsubishi, Nippon, Nissan, Toyota & Orix.
Notes: Hotel Booking board available. This airport is for domestic & international flights. Domestic flights also depart from Itami Airport.
Airport Tel No: +81 724 552 500.
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Osaka 大阪 - Itami (ITM):

Airport Website:
Location: Closer to Osaka city than Kansai. 14 km/9 Miles NNW of Osaka.
By Taxi: To Osaka City ~JPY 6000/20-30 mins.

By Bus:
Local Buses #25 & #26: Run to Osaka City (Hankyu Itami & the Itami JR train station) every 10 mins 0815-2115. Cost: Adult JPY 620, Child JPY 310. Takes 30 mins.
Airport Limousine: Buses leave the South terminal and go to every bus stop via the North terminal.
To Kansai Airport: Coaches also run to Osaka Kansai International Airport for JPY 2000/80 mins.

By Train: A train runs frequently from the airport train station to all the main stations in the city for JPY 650. A monorail runs to Hotarugaike station every 10-15 mins. Cost: JPY 220/5 mins. Itami is the Westernmost stop on the Monorail, however, this monorail does not run into central Osaka.
Notes: This airport is for domestic flights only. International flights depart from Kansai Airport. This airport is sometimes called Osaka International Airport.
Airport Tel No: +81 6 6856 6781.
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