To and From the Airport

Asahikawa (AKJ):

Location: 12 km/8 Miles SSE of the city.
By Road: 17 km/11 Miles to the city.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)166 833 989.
Updated Jan06

Hakodate (HKD):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles E of the city centre.
By Bus: Buses run to the railway station in the city for JPY 350/20 mins.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)138 578 881.
Updated Jan06

Kushiro (KUH):

Location: 17 km/11 Miles WNW of Kushiro city.
Updated Jan06

Memanbetsu (MMB):

Location: 2 km/1 Mile S of Memanbetsu, 16 km/10 Miles SSW of Abashiri & 25 km/16 Miles ENE of Kitami.
By Bus: A bus runs to the train station in Abashiri for ~JPY 800/20-30 mins.
Updated Jan06

Rishiri (RIS):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles WNW of Oshidomari on the N coast of Rishiri-To island.
By Bus: A local bus passes by the airport on its route round the island.
Updated Jan06

Sapporo - New Chitose (CTS):

Location: 4 km/2 Miles SE of Chitose & 40 km/25 Miles SE of Sapporo.
Website: Sapporo Airport
By Taxi: To Saporo JPY 13000-15000/50-60 mins.
By Bus: A bus runs to the Chuo Bus station in Sapporo for JPY 850/60-70 mins. Buses also run to Shikotsu Kohanj for ~JPY 1500/90 mins.
By Shuttle Van: Skybus (+81 80 3266 5685 outside Japan & 050-3111-1846 within Japan) provide a door to door shuttle from the airport to your hotel or home. They also speak English and Japanese well. Cost JPY 300.
By Train: The JR Train runs to Sapporo city centre for JPY 1100/35-40 mins. If going from the airport to Sapporo, don't get off at Shin Sapporo station, but stay on until JR Sapporo. Shin Sapporo is NOT Sapporo city proper. Trains also run directly to Hakodate train station.
Notes: This airport is for international and flights to other parts of Japan. Flights to other parts of Hokkaido depart from Okadama airport.
Rental Cars: HERTZ, Japaren, Mazada, Nippon, Nissan, Toyota & Orix.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)123 234 102.
Updated Jan06

Sapporo - Okadama (OKD):

Location: 9 km/6 Miles NE of Sapporo city center.
By Bus: A bus runs to Sapporo the Chuo Bus station in the city for JPY 350.
Notes: This airport is for flights within Hokkaido only.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)11 781 4161.
Updated Jan06

Wakkanai (WKJ):

Location: 9 km/6 Miles E of the city.
By Taxi: To Wakkanai JPY 3500-3800/15 mins.
By Bus: To the city JPY 600.
Updated Jan06

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