To and From the Airport

Komatsu (KMQ):

Location: 4 km/2 Miles SW of Komatsu, 29 km/18 Miles SW of Kanazawa & 40 km/25 Miles NNE of Fukui.
By Taxi: To Komatsu ~5 mins.
By Bus: Buses run to the train station in Kanazawa. JPY 1150/40-60 mins. A Bus runs to Fukui bus station in around 60 mins for JPY 1000. A bus is also reported to run to Komatsu JR Train Station (12 mins), from where connections can be made.
Airport Website:
Updated Jan06 www

Matsumoto 松本 (MMJ):

Location: 9 km/6 Miles SSW of Matsumoto & 58 km/36 Miles SSW of Nagano.
By Taxi: Alpico Taxi 0263 34 8181.
By Bus: Buses run to Matsumoto Bus terminal in accordance with flight schedules. To Matsumoto JPY 540/25 mins. Children half price. Timings: From 01 Feb 06 buses leave the city at 1030, 1400 & 1505, arriving at the airport 25 mins later. Buses leave the airport at 1145, 1415 & 1610. Change buses at the bus terminal for transfer to Nagano. To Nagano area JPY 1200. Children half price.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)263 578 818.
Updated Jan06 www

Nagoya - Chubu Centrair Intl (NGO):

Location: 32 km/20 Miles SSW of the city centre on reclaimed land in the sea.
By Road: To Nagoya City Centre 45 km/28 Miles/30-40 mins.
By Taxi: To Nagoya ~JPY 13000.
By Bus: A vast number of buses serve the airport.
By Train: A train link with Nagoya City is in operation. It takes just 28 min to get to Nagoya Station, where you can connect to the Shinkansen, JR Line, Kintetsu Line, and Subway. From Kanayama Station you can connect to the JR Line and the Subway. The Airport Train Station is connected to the terminal by a covered walkway.
By Boat: High Speed Boats run from Tsu to the airport. The boat dock is joined to the terminal by a walkway. Ferries also run to Toba.
Notes: This is now the main airport for Nagoya.
Airport Website:
Updated Jun05 www

Nagoya 名古屋 - Komaki (NKM):

Location: 13 km/8 Miles N of Nagoya City.
By Taxi: ~JPY 5000/30-45 mins to the centre.
By Bus: Access by the airport bus service is very convenient from the Meitetsu Bus Center (JPY 870/28 mins), Hirokoji Exit, Shinkansen Exit and from other surrounding areas, being served by 13 bus routes.
By Train: There is no airport train station, but taxis can take you to the nearest station.
Rental Cars: Japan & Nippon.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +81 568 281 221.
Notes: This is now the secondary airport for Nagoya. Left Luggage Lockers available.
Updated Oct10 ADV

Noto (NTO):

Location: 12 km/9 Miles SSE of Wajima on the Noto Peninsula.
By Taxi: To Wajima 25-30 mins.
By Bus: An irregular and infrequent bus runs to Wajima to the North (departs the airport at 1420 & 1520 takes 25 mins) and to Kanazawa to the South (1034, 1134, 1404 & 1534 takes 1:45).
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)768 262 000.
Updated Jan06 www

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