To and From the Airport

Banda Aceh (BTJ):

Location: 18 km/10 miles E of Bandar Aceh town.
By Taxi: To town ~IDR 75 000. To Krueng Raya ~IDR 150 000.
Updated 2007

Bandarlampung (TKG):

Location: 22 km/12 miles NNW of Bandar Lampung town, near Branti.
By Taxi: ~IDR 90 000 from the airport. Slightly less for the return journey.
By Bus: Walk ~200m to the main road, where you can catch a Branti-Rajabasa bus as far as Rajabasa for ~IDR 2000. From here you can connect to the city.
Updated 2007

Batam - Hang Nadim (BTH):

Location: On the Eastern side of an island, 36 km/22 Miles SE of Singapore. 8 km/5 Miles E of Batam Centre, 21 km/13 Miles E of Sekupang.
By Taxi: Readily available and fairly cheap. To Sekupang ~IDR 100 000, Nagoya ~IDR 75 000 & Batam Centre ~IDR 65 000.
By Ferry: Ferries run from Singapore to Batam Centre.
Airport Website:

Bengkulu (BKS):

Location: 14 km/9 Miles SE of town.
By Taxi: To town ~IDR 65 000 set fare.
By Bus: Walk about 200m from the terminal to the main road to catch a passing minibus to town. Expect to pay ~IDR 2500.
Updated 2007

Binaka (GNS):

Location: On the E coast of the island of Pulau Nias, 3 km/2 Miles NW of Binaka town. 17 km/11 Miles SE of Gunung Sitoli.
By Taxi: SMAC operates minibuses between the airport and Gunung Sitoli. Cost: IDR 32 000.
Updated 2007

Jambi (DJB):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles from town.
By Taxi: To town ~IDR 65 000.
Updated 2007

Medan - Polonia (MES):

Location: 2 km/1 Mile South of the City Centre.
By Taxi: To the City ~IDR 25 000-30 000. To Hotels along Jalan SM Raja ~IDR 10 000.
Airport Hotels: Hotel Danau Toba Intl is close to the airport. Tel 415 7000. Polonia Hotel is a more up-market option, even close to the terminal. Tel 414 2222.
Updated 2007

Padang Pariaman - Minangkabau Intl (PDG):

Location: 12 miles/20 km N of Padang city centre.
By Taxi: To the city center IDR 65000 - 100 000.
By Bus: Damri runs buses from the airport on a circular route through the city. Cost: ~IDR 16 000.
Updated 2007

Palembang - Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II (PLM):

Location: 11 km/7 Miles NNW of the city centre.
By Taxi: To the city IDR 60 000-75 000.
Airport Tel No: +62 (0)711 413695.
Updated 2007

Pekanbaru (PKU):

Location: 8 km/5 Miles S of town.
By Taxi: To the city center ~IDR 65000.
Updated 2007

Tanjung Pandan (TJQ):

Location: 15 km/9 Miles E of Tanjungpandan on Belitung Island, off the East coast of Sumatra.
By Taxi: To Tanjung Pandan ~IDR 70 000.
By Bus: The Angkutan Kotas Bus runs to town for IDR 10 000.
Updated 2007

Tanjung Pinang - Kijang (TNJ):

Location: On Pulau Bintan, an island, 65 km/40 Miles SE of Singapore.
By Taxi: To Tanjung Pinang town ~IDR 50 000.
Notes: This airport currently has no passenger flights, being used mostly by cargo flights.
Updated 2007

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