To and From the Airport

Dunhuang 敦煌 (DNH):

Location: 13 km/8 Miles E of Town.
By Taxi: CNY 25-35/20 mins.
By Bus: Bus runs to the airline booking office on Dong Dajie, near the Dunhuang Hotel. Private Minibuses can reportedly be hired for ~CNY 50.
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Jiayuguan 嘉玉關 (JGN):

Location: 13 km/8 Miles NE of the City.
By Taxi: Y50.
By Bus: Bus to the airline booking office (on Xinhua Nanlu just S of Jiayuguan Hotel) meets all flights. Leaves the office about 90 mins before departing flights. Cost ~CNY 15/20 mins.
Updated 2001

Lanzhou 兰州 - Zhongchuan 中川 (LHW, ZGC):

Location:Lanzhou Airport is located 67 km (42 miles) north of Lanzhou city centre
By Taxi: The cost of a one-way trip to downtown Lanzhou is around CNY 250-300.
By Bus:From Lanzhou Airport there is a shuttle bus to the city centre. The journey takes about 50 minutes.
Airport Hotels: Lanzhou Airport hotel is 100m from the terminal.
Airport Website:

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