To and From the Airport

Banjul - Yundum Intl (BJL):

Location: 14 km/9 Miles SW of Banjul.
By Taxi: To the city ~GMD 500-600/30-45 mins.
By Bus: No buses serve the airport terminal, but buses do run within a couple of miles if you feel like a walk in the heat!
Rental Cars: AB Rent-a-Car +220 446 09 26. Hertz is reported to no longer serve the airport.
Notes from a Traveller February 2011: A taxi for 2 people (available immediately outside the terminal) costs GBP £10 (GMD 450) to the main holiday resorts (we went to Kololi, a 30 minute journey). The driving in the area is very good & well disciplined. A taxi for 4 plus luggage would be GBP £15 (GMD 675. Licensed taxis are green, private taxis are yellow. Porters will take your luggage from the luggage carousel to the car with little fuss or hassle & you usually pay GBP £1 (GMD 45) per bag. British Pounds (GBP) are readily accepted. On return to the airport porters will again take your bags - they then take you through a side door which cuts the queue massively. Well worth it.
Airport Tax: Notes from a Traveller February 2011: the Gambian authorities imposed a €20 euro airport development tax from November 1st 2010, payable on departure. It's my understanding that now the charge is established some travel companies now include it in the flight ticket price but its all a bit unclear at the moment. You can pay in GBP or Dalasi equivalent, no mixed currency accepted but change is given - it cost us £18 each and we were given change from a £20 note in GBP.
Airport Tel No: +220 4473000.
Updated Feb11 C Adams

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