To and From the Airport

Canefield Intl/Roseau (DCF):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles NNE of Roseau.
By Taxi: Readily available. EC$20/15mins to Roseau, EC$25 to Castle Comfort, EC$65 to Scotts Head, EC$75 to Layou & EC$110 to Portsmouth.
By Bus: If travelling light, walk to the main Rd and catch the local bus to town. Runs every 15-30 mins XCD 1.50/20 mins to Roseau.
Rental Cars: AVIS has an office at the airport. Budget & Valley Cars have a courtesy phone.
Airport Tax: Departure: EC$30 for aged 12 and over.
Airport Tel No: +1 767 449 1990.
Updated Jun04 www

Melville Hall (DOM):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles NW of Marigot on the NE side of the Island.
By Taxi: Only shared taxis available. Fares per person are: EC$42 to Roseau, $44 to Castle Comfort & $30 to Portsmouth.
By Bus: A local bus service is reported to run.
Rental Cars: None at the airport itself.
Airport Tax: Departure: EC$30 or US$12 for pax aged 12 or over.
Airport Tel No: +1 767 445 7101.
Updated 2003

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