To and From the Airport

Aitutaki (AIT):

Location: At the NE part of Aitutaki Atoll, 5 km/3 Miles NE of Arutanga.
By Taxi: Available.
By Bus: A shuttle van meets all flights and runs to Arutanga or any other part of the island for NZ$8. The Pacific resort provides free transfers for guests.
Car Parking: Free.
Notes: There are no vehicle rentals on the island.
Updated Nov05.

Atiu (AIU):

Location: At the northernmost part of the island, about 2 km/1 Mile NE of the harbour.
Transport Options: Many hotels provide transfers for guests. Updated Nov05.

Rarotonga (RAR):

Location: 3 km/2 miles W of Avarua on the N coast of Rarotonga Island.
By Taxi: ~NZ$10/10 mins to Avarua & NZ$20-30 to Muri/Pacific Resort. Areiti Taxi +682 23 012 or 55 752, Kia Orana Taxis 20 203 & MLT Taxis 21 397.

By Bus:
Island Bus (Local Public Bus): The public bus runs round the island in both directions every hour. The airport stop is outside the RSA night club, just across the car park from the terminal.
Clockwise Timings (figures in brackets are the minutes past each hour): Cooks Corner Avarua (00), Portofino (01), Paradise Inn (02), Club Raro (04), Kiikii Motel (05), Ariana Bungalows (06), Sunrise Beach Motel (10), Avana Condos (11), Aroko Bungalows (13), Sokala Villas (14), Pacific Resort (15), Muri Sailing Club & Beachcomber (16), Vara's Beach House (17), Are Mango Guest House & Shangri-La Cottages (18), Little Polynesian & Moana Sands (20), Palm Grove Motel (25), Vaima Restaurant (26), Daydreamer Motel (27), Rarotongan Resort Hotel (30), Lagoon Lodges (32), Backpackers Intl & Puaikura Reef Lodge (33), Ati's Beach Bungalows (35), Arorangi Lodges (36), Are Renga Motel (37), Manuia Beach Hotel (38), Edgewater Resort (40), Sunset Resort/Oasis (41), Golf Club (43), AIRPORT (46), CITC Supermarket (48) & Cooks Corner Avarua (50). Mon-Fri buses leave 0700-1600. On Saturdays 0800-1300. The clockwise bus runs on Sundays 0800-1200 & 1400-1600 only.
Anti-Clockwise Timings (figures in brackets are the minutes past each hour): Cooks Corner Avarua (25), Punanganui Market (26), CITC Supermarket (27), AIRPORT (30), Golf Club (37), Sunset Resort/Oasis (39), Edgewater Resort (40), Manuia Beach Hotel (43), Are Renga Motel (44), Arorangi Lodges (45), Ati's Beach Bungalows (46), Backpackers Intl & Puaikura Reef Lodge (47), Lagoon Lodges (48), Rarotongan Resort Hotel (50), Daydreamer Motel (52), Vaima Restaurant (53), Palm Grove Motel (55), Little Polynesian & Moana Sands (59), Are Mango Guest House & Shangri-La Cottages (02), Vara's Beach House (03), Muri Sailing Club & Beachcomber (04), Pacific Resort (05), Sokala Villas (06), Aroko Bungalows (07), Avana Condos (08), Sunrise Beach Motel (09), Ariana Bungalows (13), Kiikii Motel (14), Club Raro (15), Paradise Inn (18) & Cooks Corner Avarua (20). Mon-Fri buses leave 0825-1625. On Saturdays 0825-1225. No Sunday Service.
The Island Bus runs a night service Mon-Thursday in a clockwise direction only every hour (as above) 1800-2300. Friday nights 1800-2200 then at midnight & 0200. No Sunday night service.
Contact: Tel 25512 0900-1600 or 20349 at other times. Cost: NZ$3 regardless of distance travelled. $5 for return trips. A book of 10 tickets costs $20. All day passes available for $10 per person or $20 per family.
Hotel Buses: Many hostels and motels provide free airport transfers upon arrival, but charge NZ$6 per person for the trip back to the airport. Some upscale hotels charge much more than this each way.
Raro Tours: Raro Tours runs a shuttle to anywhere on the island for ~NZ$20.
Tiare Transport: Tel +682 55 217.

Rental Cars:
Licenses: To drive a car or scooter on Raratonga you technically need a Cook Islands Driving License, which can be obtained from the police station in Avarua for ~NZ$10 Mon-Sat lunchtime only. However few companies ask to see it at time of rental.
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: AVIS +682 21039 or 22 833 & Budget 20895 have offices in the terminal. Rarotonga Rentals 22 326 or mobile 55 204 & Fun Rentals Tel 22 426 are across the road from the airport terminal.
Off-Airport Rental Car Providers: Many local companies around the island rent scooters or cars: Island Car & Bike Hire Tel 22 632 & Polynesian Bike Hire 20895.

Car Parking: The car park is right in front of the terminal and costs NZ$2 per stay.
Airport Tax: Departure: Adults NZ$30, children (2 to 11 years) NZ$15. Under 2's free. This tax is always payable at the airport and NOT included in the ticket price. It must be bought from the Westpac Bank at the terminal. Payment can be by VISA, but will be charged as a cash advance.
Notes: Left luggage is available at NZ$3 per item per day. Hotel and accommodation desks are in arrivals.
Airport Tel No: +682 25890.
Updated Nov07. Last Visit Nov05

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