To and From the Airport

Dzaoudzi - Pamandzi (DZA):

Location: At Dzaoudzi, on the island of Petite Terre, just off the coast of Grand Terre. 8 km/5 Miles E of Mamoudzou on Grand Terre.
By Taxi: Shared taxis run to the ferry terminal at Dzaoudzi and charge a fixed rate of €1.20 euro per person.
Note: There are no money changing facilities at Pamandzi airport. The euro is the currency in Mayotte so the absence of money changing facilities is not a problem for most Europeans. Entry requirements are the same as those of France.
Updated Nov13 D Stanley

Moroni - Prince Said Ibrahim Intl/Hahaya (HAH):

Location: Near Milevani, 23 km/14 Miles N of Moroni, on Grande Comore island.
By Taxi: To Moroni: KMF 500-700/30 mins. Overcharging of tourists is common, and the lack of money-changing facilities at the airport means that prices can be higher than normal. Meters are not usually used so agree a price beforehand. Returning to Moroni airport is easy as any of the shared taxis and minibuses to Mitsamiouli from the Volo Volo market in Moroni will drop you on the highway just outside the airport for the standard 500 Comoros franc per person fare.
Notes: Comoros visas are now€30 euro on arrival and one may have to report to the immigration office in Moroni to get the official passport stamp. Failure to do do so can lead to problems upon departure. Although there are still no money changing facilities at the airport, virtually everyone will accept euro in cash (small bills) at the standard 490 Comoros francs to one euro rate.
Airport Tel No: +269 731 593.
Updated Nov13 D Stanley

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