To and From the Airport

Burgos - Villafria (RGS):

Location: 5 km/3 Miles ENE of Burgos, near the town of Villafría.
By Taxi: To Burgos city, ~€10/10-15 mins.
By Bus: Route: Burgos City (Plaza de España) - Belorado - Segovia - Avenida de Castilla y León - San Roque - Glorieta de Logroño - San Bruno - Pablo Ruiz Picasso - Real y Antigua - Vitoria 252 - Alcalde Martín Cobos - airport terminal. The route from the airport to the city is basically the reverse: Airport Terminal - Martín Cobos - Vitoria 259 - Real y Antigua - Vitoria 163 - San Bruno - Antigua Academia de Ingenieros - San Roque - Avenida de Castilla y León - Avenida de la Paz 51 - Antonio Machado - Plaza de España. Timings: The schedules depend on the flight timings: buses tend to depart from Plaza España 90 mins before a flight, and depart the airport 30 mins after flight arrivals.
Rental Cars: Available but no details yet.
Car Parking: Available outside the terminal.
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León (LEN):

Location: 6 km/4 Miles W of Leon.
By Taxi: €9-11 to the city centre.
By Bus: A bus runs to the city From Sun-Fri according to the flight schedules. Cost €0.75.
Rental Cars: AVIS 987 270 075 & EUROPCAR 987 230 251.
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Logroño - Agoncillo (RJL):

Location: 10 km/6 Miles E of Logrono, 3 km/2 miles W of Agoncillo, near the town of Recajo.
By Taxi: To Logroño, ~€15-18. Tel 941 505 050 or 941 222 122.
By Train: A train station is at nearby Recajo, 1 km/½ mile S of the airport.
Rental Cars: Available but no details yet.
Car Parking: Free.
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Salamanca (SLM):

Location: 14 km/9 miles E of the City.
By Taxi: To Salamanca €15. Call 923 250 000.
Rental Cars: Reported to be available.
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Valladolid (VLL):

Location: 13 km/7 Miles W of the City.
By Taxi: To the City Centre €14. Call 983 291 411 or 207 755.
By Bus: A bus run by Linecar links the airport with the Bus Station in Valladolid. Mon-Fri the bus on the route San Pedro de Latarce-Valladolid calls at the airport at 1515 en-route to the city. On Sundays at 1925 en-route from Benavente runs to Valladolid. From the city Mon-Sat, buses leave for the airport at 0800 & 1000 (en-route to Benavente), 1320 (en-route to Sahagún) and at 1800 (en-route to Villamañán). On Sundays and Holidays there is a departure at 1400 (en-route to Guardo). Cost €1/35 mins. Call 983 230 033 or 231 096.
Rental Cars: AVIS, EUROPCAR, ATESA & Hertz.
Updated Apr13 ADV

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