To and From the Airport

Chios/Khios/Χίος (JKH):

Location: 4 km/2 Miles S of Chios Town at Kondari.
By Bus: Local blue buses marked KONDARI leave from the terminal on the north side of the park in town, and pass the airport gate. However other sources report that no buses run.
Updated Jun07 ADV

Limnos/Lemnos/Λύμνος (LXS):

Location: 22 km/14 Miles ENE of Myrina, in the island's centre.
By Taxi: Available. Taxi station in Myrina: +30 (22 540) 23033.
By Bus: An Olympic Airways bus connects the airport with Myrina.
Updated May07 ADV

Mitilini/ Μυτιλήνη (MJT):

Location: 4 Miles/7 km SSE of Mytilene/Mytilini on the island of Lesvos/Lesbos.
By Taxi: Available at the airport.
By Bus: No Bus reported to be available.
Airport Tel No: +30 225 103 8700.
Updated Oct10 ADV

Samos/Σάμος (SMI):

Location: 14 km/9 Miles SW of Vathy, 3 km/2 Miles SW of Pythagorio.
By Taxi: Taxis should be booked in advance.
By Bus: No airport bus service is reported.
Updated Oct0 ADV

Skiathos/Σκιάθος (JSI):

Location: 3 km/2 Miles NE of Town at Xanemos.
Updated Oct10 ADV

Skíros/Σκύρος (SKU):

Location: At the north end of the island, 9 km/5 Miles Nw of Skyros Town.
Airport Tel No: +30 22220 91607.
Updated Nov05 www

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