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Andijan (AZN):
Location: 5 km/3 Miles from the centre.
By Taxi: Fixed route taxi #4
runs to Oltyn Vody in the city.
By Bus: Buses #1-A
and #8 are reported to run to the bazaar in the city.

Updated Jan05.

Bukhara (BHK):
6 km/4 Miles E of the city.
By Taxi:
To the city ~US$1-5/10-15 mins.

By Bus: Minibus #100
runs from 100m outside the airport terminal to Mustaklik St (Kryti Rynok bus station) in the city. Takes ~20 mins. Cost UZS 500. Taxi-Bus #56 passes by some of the major hotels.

Updated Sep11 A Bota. 

Ferghana (FEG):
S of the City.
By Taxi:

By Bus: Buses #22
and #3 run to the city.
Takes ~30 mins.
Updated Jan05.

10 km/6 Miles S of the city.

By Bus: Bus #14
runs to the bus station and train station in the city, in accordance with flight arrivals and departures.
Flights to this airport are infrequent.
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Nukus (NCU):
N of the city.
By Taxi:
~US$1 to the city.

By Bus: Bus #3
runs to the bazaar in the city.
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Samarkand (SKD):
5 km/3 Miles NE of the city centre.
By Taxi:
Reported to cost ~US$3-5 to the city.
By Bus: Bus #10 runs ~every 20 mins from the airport to the long-distance bus station, the train station, the bazaar, and various hotels in the city including the Samarkand Hotel. Bus #10-3 is faster, but with fewer stops.

Dep Tax: 
Intl US$10, although other sources say none is payable.
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Tashkent/Тошкент (TAS):
Location: 7 Miles/11 km S of the City centre.
By Taxi:
To Tashkent city centre US$4-10+, although many drivers will ask for much more. Takes 15-20 mins. Foreigners can expect to pay at least US$10. Agree a price before getting in. It can be helpful to have your destination written in Russian, as most drivers cannot read English. For taxi service call 067.
By Fixed Route Taxi:
Fixed route taxi numbers 2, 16, 17, 56 & 63 operate 0700-2000. US$0.40/30-40 mins.
By Bus: Routes 11
, 12, 25, 40, 61, 67, 07, 77, 94 & 106 serve the airport every 10 or 20 mins. US$0.10-0.50. Most buses run until 2230. Bus #67 runs along Shota Rustaveli to the city centre, stopping near the Intercontinental Hotel.

By Trolleybus:
 Trolleybus Route 14 runs 0700-2100. US$0.10/30-40 mins.
By Train: A rail service is reported to serve the airport, with transfer to the city taking ~10 mins.
Dep Tax: 
Intl US$10, although other sources say none is payable.
Baggage Storage:
Left luggage lockers are reported to be available 24 hrs.
Airport Tel No: 
+998 71 254 2698 or 255 4858.
Updated Aug09 www.

Termez/Termiz (TMJ):
8 km/5 Miles NNE of the city centre.

By Taxi: Fixed route taxi #11
runs to the bazaar in town and #4 runs to the railway station.
By Bus:
Buses run to Gorky Park in the city at frequent intervals.

Updated Jan05.

Urgench (UGC):
Location: 5 km/3 Miles NNE of the city centre.
By Bus: Minibus #3
runs to thebazaar minibus stop. From there change to Minibus #29 that runs all over the city. Cost: UZS 500 per bus.

Updated Sep11 A Bota. 

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