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Dushanbe Khorog Khudzhand/Khojand    

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Dushanbe (DYU):
5 km/3 Miles ESE of the city.
By Taxi:
~TJS 3/10-15 mins to the city. It is recommended that you only use officially licensed taxis. Before getting into the car, ensure the driver understands where you want to go, and agree the fare. Taxis in Tajikistan do not have meters, so it helps if you know the approximate fare before you begin.

By Bus & Minibus:
Bus Info: Bus #2, #8 & #12 run into the centre 0600-1800. Takes 20 mins.
Minibus Info: The most common way to get around Dushanbe is by marshrutka or minibuses that follow a fixed route. You can get on or get off anywhere along the route. Flag down a minibus by standing by the roadside and extending your arm. After you get on, pay the fare. When you want to get off, tell the driver to stop. You can use the Tajik phrase, Haminjo eested. Airport Routes are:
Minibus #1: Giprozem (south) - Sakovat Bazaar - Circus - War Memorial - Aini Street - Airport
Minibus #8: Airport - Aini Street - Rudaki Avenue - Ismoil Somoni Street - 102nd microdistrict (west).

By Train: There is a station near the airport, and trains run on lines #3 and #4 to the city 0600-1900. Takes 20 mins.
Airport Tax: 
There is no longer any departure tax on leaving Tajikistan.
Left luggage facilities reported to be available. A new terminal is under construction in 2009.
Airport Tel No:
+992 37 227 1533.
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3 km/2 Miles W of town.

By Taxi:

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Khudzhand/Khojand (LBD):
Location: 10 km/6 Miles SE of Khujand City.
By Bus: Buses #2 & #34 run into the city.
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