How to get to and from hundreds of the world's airports by car, bus, train and other forms of public transport.  

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Kano Lagos Port Harcourt  

International Departure tax is now included in the ticket price, so don't pay again at the airport!
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Abuja (ABV):
Location: 42 km/26 Miles SSE of the City.
By Taxi:
US$100 (reportedly)/30-45 mins.
By Bus:
US$30/45 mins.

Updated Oct03 www. Visited Airport.

Kano (KAN):
7 km/5 Miles N of the City.
By Taxi: 
To the city centre ~US$4.

Airport Tel No:
Airport Manager +234 (64) 631978 or 634756.
Updated Sep05.

Lagos - Murtala Muhammed Intl (LOS):
22 km/14 Miles N of the City.
Airport Overview:
Several sources talk of 2 airports: a domestic and an international one. The truth is there is only one airport, but with 2 terminals.

By Taxi: 
Work on a fare of ~NGN 5000 and 20-60 mins to the city. The official fare posted in the airport is ~US$40 to the city. You should be able to get a taxi for about half this figure. Travel back to the airport is ever less than this at ~US$10. The Yellow Taxis that wait outside the departure level upstairs are recommended. Note: Only limited numbers of taxis are licensed to serve the airport. Overcharging is very common, but there are standard rates posted in the airport and on the driver's tariff card. After dark, your main concern, should be to get out of the airport and into a hotel, as taxis are often hijacked at night.
By Bus:
 None available at the airport itself, but see taxi section above.

Airport Tax: 
International departure tax is now be included in the fare, although you may still be asked to pay again!!.

Rental Cars: AVIS, ACHAN, eSixT &
HERTZ have desks as you exit international arrivals.
There is an information desk in international arrivals. There is an ATM/Cash machine and a Bureau de Change/Currency exchange in the intl baggage hall.

Airport Tel No:
+234 1 901 1707.
Updated Sep05. 
Last Visit Sep11. [back].[top]

Port Harcourt (PHC):
26 km/16 Miles NNW of the City.
By Taxi: 
Updated Oct03 www. [back].[top]

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