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The official currency in Montserrat is the EC Dollar, but US dollars are accepted everywhere, and prices may be quoted in dollars without stating which kind of dollar. To avoid being overcharged, make sure you ask EC or US Dollars? null
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Montserrat - Geralds (MNI):
The lovely new airport is now open at the Northern end of the island, 1.5 km/1 Mile SE of Little Bay.

By Taxi:
General: Taxis meet all flights, or wait at the airport all day. Official taxi fares are posted in the departures area, but expect taxi drivers to ask for more. Rates are 25% higher from 2100-0500.
Maximum Taxi Fares at October 2005: To Baker Hill EC$30/US$12, Banks EC$25/US$10, Barzeys or Brades EC$20/US$8, Cavalla Hill or Cheap End EC$35/US$14, Cudjoe Head EC$25/US$10, Davy Hill EC$15/US$6, Dick Hill EC$20/US$8, Drummonds or Geralds EC$10/US$4, Flemmings or Friths EC$50/US$20, Grand View B&B or Jones Hill EC$35/US$14, Hope EC$50/US$20, Isles Bay EC$65/US$25, Judy Piece, Little Bay, Lookout or Mongo Hill EC$20/US$8, Montserrat Moments Inn EC$30/US$12, Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) EC$60/US$24, Manjack or Nixons EC$25/US$10, Olveston or Salem EC$50/US$20, Old Towne EC$55/US$22, St Johns or Sweeneys EC$10/US$4, St Peters EC$35/US$14, Salt Springs EC$25/US$10 & Woodlands EC$45/US$18. For places not in the list above, the maximum is EC$10/US$4.
Fares for Tours: 1-4 passengers EC$50/US$20 per hour. 5-9 passengers EC$70/US$28 per hour. 10-12 passengers EC$100/US$40 per hour. 13-15 passengers EC$130/US$52 per hour. 16-26 passengers EC$235/US$94 per hour. 27-36 passengers EC$260/US$104 per hour. The minimum rate is one hour.
Taxi Drivers: Samuel White, Cell (664) 493 1973 or home (664) 491 9794 waits at the airport 0600-1800. Alwyn Ponteen, based in Davy Hill: Tel (664) 491 5145. Arthur Meade, based in Happy Hill: Tel (664) 491 5693 or Cell (664) 492 1614. Avalon's Tour & Taxi: Tel (664) 491 3432 or Cell (664) 492 1565. B & D Taxi Service, based in St. Johns: Tel (664) 491 8797 or Cell (664) 496 5927. Grant Tours, based in Brades: Tel (664) 491 9654. Roy ‘Slym’ Daley, based in nearby Geralds: Tel (664) 491 4479 or Cell (664) 492 2878.

By Bus: Buses do run on the island, but none are scheduled to call at the airport, and those buses that do run, run to a very irregular and sometimes unreliable timetable.

Rental Cars:
General: In common with many Caribbean islands, a local driving licence is required from the local Police in Brades or Salemfor EC$50/US$19. You will need to produce your valid driver’s license from your own country. There are no car rental companies or desks at the terminal, but any of the companies on the island can deliver cars to the airport of hotels. There are only 2 fuel stations on the island: in Sweeneys & St Peters.
Off-Airport Rental Car Providers: Be-Beeps Rental based in Olveston, Tel (664) 491 3787 or Cell (664) 492 1083. Montserrat Enterprises Ltd based in Old Towne, Tel (664) 491 2431 or 2. M.S. Osborne Ltd, based in Brades Tel (664) 491 2494 or 5. Zeekies Rentals, based in Judy Piece, Tel (664) 491 4515 or Cell (664) 493 5281.

Airport Tax: A security tax of EC $10/US $4 is payable at the airport in cash on departure.
No ATM/Cash machine at the airport. The nearest one is at Brades, 10 mins by taxi. The airport has very basic facilities and is open 0600-1800. For more information on tourism and transport in Montserrat, contact Jadine Glitzenhirn, (664) 491 2752 or
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