To and From the Airport

Tokyo 東京 - Narita 成田 - New Tokyo Intl (NRT):

Location: 65 km/41 Miles E of Tokyo City Centre.
Airport Overview: 2 Terminals linked by a free shuttle bus which takes 5-10 mins and runs every 7-20 mins 0630-2230. At terminal 1, get the shuttle bus at stop 0. From Terminal 2, at stop 8 and 18. Both terminals offer International and domestic flights. The domestic area of each terminal is in its own part of the terminal. In Terminal 1 it is on the South wing arrivals level.

Airline Locations:
Terminal 1: International: Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Caledonie, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air Japan, Alitalia, All Nippon Airways, Asiana, Austrian, Continental, Delta, Eva Air, IBEX, Jet Airways, KLM, Korean, Lufthansa, MIAT Mongolian, Northwest, SAS, Shanghai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Swiss, Thai, Turkish Airlines, United, US Airways, Uzbekistan Airways, Varig, Virgin. Domestic: ANA & IBEX.
Terminal 2: Air India, Air New Zealand, Air Niugini, Air Pacific, Air Tahiti Nui, American Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Finnair, Garuda, Iberia, Japan Airlines JAL, Jalways, Malaysian, Mexicana, Pakistan International Airlines, Philippine Airlines, QANTAS, Sri Lankan, Transaero, Vietnam Airlines.

Driving directions: The airport has road links to the Higashi-Kanto Expressway and Route 295, and to nearby cities including Tokyo, Narita, Shibayama and Tako. Pax are advised to check the terminal they will be using before setting out to the airport since the terminals are 1½km/1 mile apart. There are security checks at the road entrance to the airport.
By Taxi: Taxis and chauffeur-driven limousines are available, but can take a long time to reach the city centre due to traffic. Costs are also high. The train is often faster. Reported taxi cost JPY 30 000/60-90 mins.

By Train:
General: Trains stop on the basement levels of each Terminal. Passengers should check which terminal they require before setting out to the airport, as the terminals have separate railway stations. 2 train companies (Japan Railways/JR & Keisei) run trains of differing speeds. To say that the train situation at Narita airport is confusing, is an understatement!
Keisei Tokkyu Train: Runs a limited express service from the basement level of both terminals to Narita Village and onwards to Nippori & Ueno in the city. Onward connections are available from both these stops. Timings: Runs every 30 mins and takes ~75 mins to the city. Travel Times: To Nippori 66 mins & Ueno 70 mins. To Narita Village 10 mins. Cost: To Nippori & Ueno JPY 1000. To Narita Village JPY 250. Contact: Tel Keisei 0476 32 8501.
Keisei Skyliner Train: Runs a fast service from the basement level of both terminals to Nippori & Ueno stations in the city, for which a reservation and supplementary ticket is necessary (JPY 920 premium).
Route: Narita Airport T1 - Narita Airport T2 - Narita Village Keisei station - Funabashi - Nippori - Ueno. Change at Nippori or Ueno for onward connections in the city. Timings: Trains leave the Airport daily twice an hour 0752-2200. Trains leave Ueno station daily twice an hour 0630-2200.
Travel Time: To Ueno ~56 mins, Nippori 51 mins. Cost: ~JPY 1920. Contact: Tel Keisei 0476 32 8501.
JR Narita Express Train: JR runs a fast service from the basement level of both terminals to Tokyo station in the city centre. Onward connections are then available. Timings: Trains leave the airport every 30 mins 0745-2143. Trains run less frequently to Shinjuku (hourly), Ikebukuro & Yokohama. Travel Times: 53 mins to Tokyo city. To Shinjuku 80-90 mins. Cost: To Tokyo city JPY 2940, To Yokohama JPY 4180. To Shinjuku or Ikebukuro JPY 3110. Contact: Tel Japan Railways 3423 0111.
JR Line Train: Is a slower stopping service to the city, that runs hourly. Route: Narita T1 - Narita T2 - Narita Village JR Station - Sakura - Chiba - Kinshicho. Here the train divides going either to Tokyo Station in the city, Yokohama or Shinjuku.

By Bus:
General: Buses drop off passengers on the upper level of each terminal and pick up from the lower level. In Terminal 1, buses pick up on the 4th floor. Fares for children are half.
Airport Limousine to Tokyo Hotels: Routes: Buses run to many hotels including: Akasaka Excel Hotel (JPY 3000), ANA Intercontinental Tokyo (JPY 3000), Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel (JPY 3000), Conrad Hotel Tokyo (JPY 3000), Crowne Plaza Metropolitan Tokyo (JPY 3000), Disney Ambassador Hotel (JPY 2400), Fountain Terrace Hotel (JPY 2400), Four Seasons Hotel (JPY 3000), Grand Hyatt Tokyo (JPY 3000), Grand Pacific Le Daiba (JPY 2700), Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka (JPY 3000), Hilton Tokyo (JPY 3000), Hilton Tokyo Bay (JPY 2400), Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay (JPY 2400), Hotel Grand Palace (JPY 3000), Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay (JPY 3000), Hotel New Otani (JPY 3000), Hotel Nikko Tokyo (JPY 2700), Hotel Pacific Tokyo (JPY 3000), Hyatt Regency Tokyo (JPY 3000), Imperial Hotel (JPY 3000), Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (JPY 3000), Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay (JPY 2400), Shinjuku Washington Hotel (JPY 3000), Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (JPY 3000) & Westin Tokyo (JPY 3000). Timings: Buses run every 15-30 mins 0645-2300 and take ~90 mins to the city centre, depending on traffic.
Airport Limousine to Tokyo City TCAT: Buses leave the airport every 10-30 mins 0655-2300. Buses leave the city every 9-20 mins 0545-2050. Travel Time: Buses take 55 to the Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT), depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 2900.
Airport Limousine to Tokyo Station: Buses leave the airport every 10-30 mins 0655-2300. Buses leave the city every 15-30 mins 0607-1645. Travel Time: Buses take 80-110 mins to the train station, depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 3000.
Airport Limousine to Shinjuku Station: Buses leave the airport every 10-30 mins 0650-2235. Buses leave Shinjuku Station every 12-30 mins 0545-1800. Travel Time: Buses take 85 mins depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 3000.
Airport Limousine to Yokohama YCAT: Buses run to Yokohama YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal). Timings: Buses leave the airport every 10-20 mins 0650-2230. Buses leave YCAT every 10-20 mins 0515-1930. Travel Time: Buses take ~90 mins to the YCAT, depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 3500.
Airport Limousine to Yokohama Hotels: Buses run infrequently to Yokohama area hotels (Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, Pan Pacific Yokohama, Yokohama Grand Intercontinental & Hotel New Grand). Timings: Buses leave the airport at 0730, 1430, 1540, 1700, 1800 & 2000. Buses leave Yokohama at 0635, 0735, 0835, 1135, 1235 & 1405. Travel Time: Buses take ~2 hrs mins to Yokohama, depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 3500.
Airport Limousine to other Stations: Buses also run to the following train stations: Asakadaia (JPY 3000), Chofu (JPY 3200), Fujimino (JPY 3000), Fukaya (JPY 4000), JR Hachioji (JPY 3700), Kagohara (JPY 4000), Keio Hachioji (JPY 3700), Kichijoji (JPY 3000), Kumagaya (JPY 4000), Seiseki Sakuragaoka (JPY 3300), Shiki (JPY 3000), Shin Koshigaya (JPY 3000), Soka (JPY 3000), Tamagawa Josui (JPY 3500).
Airport Limousine to Haneda Airport: Buses leave Narita Airport every 12-60 mins 0700-2125. Buses leave Haneda Airport every 12-60 mins 0645-2100. Travel Time: Buses take ~75 mins to Haneda Airport, depending on traffic. Cost: JPY 3000.

Terminal 1 Bus Guide:
Bus stop Destinations seved
1 & 10: TCAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal), Nihombashi, Hakozaki, Suitengu), Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro, Mejiro, Shibuya area hotels, Kudan, Korakuen, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Ginza, Shiodome, Takeshiba & Tokyo Waterfront.
2 & 11: Shinjuku area hotels, Akasaka area hotels, Roppongi, Shiba, Shin-kiba, Tokyo Big Sight, Kinshicho & Tachikawa.
3 & 12: YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal), Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 & Haneda Airport.
4 & 13: Shinagawa area hotels, Ebisu area hotels, Hachioji station, Seiseki-sakuragaoka station, Tama-center, Minami-osawa, Chofu station, Soka, Shin-koshigaya, Shin-urayasu & Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR).
5: Chiba, Tokyo (Koiwa, Ichinoe, Kasai), Kanagawa (Hashimoto, Sagami-ono, Machida), Kyoto, Osaka & Miyagi prefecture.
6: Connecting bus to Terminal 2.
7: Wako City, Oizumigakuen, Omiya station, Kawagoe, Sakado, Numaza, Katsunuma, Saitama, Shizuoka & Yamanashi prefecture.
8: Tsukuba-center, Tsuchiura, Hokota, Mito, Ota, Sano, Ashikaga, Kiryu, Utsonomiya, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma & Fukushima prefecture.
9: Tokyo (Kichioji) & Kanagawa (Hon-Atsugi, Hiratsuka, Shin-yurigaoka, Tama-plaza, Matsuda, Odawara).
14: For airline crews.
15: For taxis
16: For local hotels. Including Mercure Narita (every 90 mins 0750-2110).
30: Museum of Aeronautical Science, Nanbu Kougyo Danchi & Yokaichiba.

Terminal 2 Bus Guide:
Bus stop Destinations seved
3: Narita City sightseeing bus.
4: Ebisu, Shinagawa, Hachioji, Chofu, Seiseki-sakuragaoka, Keio Tama-center, Minami-osawa, Soka, Shin-Koshigaya, Asakadai, Shiki, Fujimino.
5: YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal) & Haneda Airport.
6: Shinjuku, Akasaka, Roppongi, Shiba, Kinshicho, Shinkiba, Tokyo Big Sight & Tachikawa.
7: TCAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal), Nihonbashi, Hakozaki, Suitengu), Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro, Mejiro, Shibuya area hotels, Kudan, Korakuen, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Ginza, Shiodome, Takeshiba & Tokyo Waterfront.
9: Tokyo (Kichioji station) & Kanagawa prefecture (Hon-atsugi, Hiratsuka, Shin-Yurigaoka, Tama-Plaza, Matsuda, Odawara, Fujisawa, Center-minami, Nakayama).
10: Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture & Fukushima prefecture.
11: Tokyo prefecture (Oizumigakuen), Kanagawa prefecture (Shin-Yokohama), Saitama prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Chiba prefecture (Shin-Urayasu, Tokyo Disney Resort TDR).
12: Chiba prefecture, Tokyo (Koiwa, Ichinoe, Kasai & Machida), Kanagawa prefecture (Hashimoto, Sagamiono), Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture & Miyagi prefecture.
13: Shibayama, Matsuo, Hasunuma, Yokoshiba, Kurimoto, Museum of Aeronautical Science, Nanbu Kougyo Danchi.
28-30, 31A: Taxis
25-27, 31B, 33: For local hotels.

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: Nippon/National, Nissan, Toyota, & Orix have desks on the arrivals level of each terminal. In Terminal 1, they are between the North and South wings.

Car Parking: Car parks are directly outside the terminals connected by walkways.
Airport to Airport: Limousine buses run to Haneda Domestic airport for ~JRY 3000. Trains also run, but this involves a change of train at Aoto & Sengakuji. Total transfer time ~2 hrs/JPY 1600. The bus is definately easier and quicker.
Currency Services: ATM/Cash machines in both terminals, mainly on the arrivals levels.
Baggage Storage: Left Luggage offices are on the arrivals level of Terminals 1 & 2 and open 0630-2230. Cost: JPY 300, 500 or 800 per day depending on size. 5 days JPY 1000, 10 days JPY 1600. Coin-operated lockers are also available in both terminals.
Notes: Hotel booking desks and mobile phone rentals on the arrivals level of each terminal. Post offices available in both terminals. Showers are available in each terminal. All passengers arriving at Narita airport by ground transport will need to provide identification for security reasons. Arriving buses and coaches are stopped, and a security guard will board and check passengers' passports.
Airport Hotels: The following hotels are near the airport and run shuttle buses for guests: ANA Crowne Plaza, Narita View Hotel, Hilton Hotel & Holiday Inn.
Airport Tel No: +81 (0)476 32 2802 or 8000. Flight Information +81 (0)476 345 000.
Updated Dec13 ADV. Last Visit Sep08

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