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Assalouyeh Char Bahar Kish Island Mashhad Shiraz
Bandar Lengeh Esfahan Lar Persian Gulf Intl Tehran

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Assalouyeh - Persian Gulf International (YEH):
3 km/2 Miles N of Asaloyeh in Bushehr Province.

Rental Cars:
EUROPCAR +98 (772) 7376548.
Updated Aug07 www.

Bandar Lengeh (BDH):
A few miles W of town. [back].[top]

Char Bahar (ZBR):
Location: 40 Miles/61 km W of Char Bahar at Konarak.
By Taxi: 
Shared taxis available.
Updated 1994.

Esfahan (IFN):
20 km/12 Miles NE of the City.
By Taxi: 
By Bus: Airport bus goes to and from Enghelab-e Eslami Square.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: Airport Office 51014, Information 51017 &
Flight info 313313.
Updated Oct03 www. 

Kish Island (KIH):
More or less in the centre of Kish Island.

By Taxi:
Taxis are frequent and cheap. Most trips, such as the airport to the city cost between IRR 6000 - 16,000, less than US$2.
Airport Tel No:
+98 4422100 or 4422460.
Updated Oct04 www.

Location: A Short distance W of town. [back].[top]

Mashhad (MHD):
5 km/3 Miles S of the City.
By Taxi: 
Shared taxis available. Typcal fare to the city ~IRR 10 000.
By Bus:
Public Bus runs into the city.
Updated Oct03 EK.

Shiraz (SYZ):
13km/8 Miles SE of the City.
By Taxi:
Less than IRR 10 000/15 mins.

Updated May99.
isited Airport. [back].[top]

Tehran - Khomeini Intl (IKA):
Location39 km/24 Miles SW of the City centre.
WebsiteTehran IKA Airport
By Taxi:
From the city to the airport ~IRR 100 000/US$ 12. Takes ~90 mins.
This airport is now used for international flights only, but check before travelling.

Updated Feb07. 

Tehran - Mehrabad Intl (THR):
8 km/5 Miles W of the City.
Airport Overview:
2 terminals, International and Domestic.
By Taxi: To Southern Teheran IRR 30 000, to Northern parts of the city ~IRR 45000+/20-30 mins. Mehrabad Taxi Service has desks outside both the intl & domestic terminals, or call 133. From a traveller in 2004: It is impossible to figure out how the airport taxi system works without practice. Taxi touts (attempting to charge a 150% markup on the maxmimum rate) are common. Ensure a fare at the start and don't let him drive off until you're satisfied.
By Bus: A Bus is reported to run to the city for IRR 500/45 mins.

Rental Cars: Reported to be available.
Dep Tax:
Intl IRR 1000 for Iranians, none for foreigners. Now usually included in the ticket price.
Baggage Storage
: Left Luggage facilities avialable.
Notes: This airport is now used for domestic flights only, but check before travelling.
Airport Tel No:
+98 21 91021.
Updated Feb07. 
Visited Airport. [back].[top]

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