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Bergen Stord     Rest of Norway

Airport in Norwegian is: Lufthavn or Flyplassen.
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Bergen - Flesland (BGO):
 13 km/8 Miles SSW of Bergen City & 3½ km/2½ Miles N of Hjellestad.
By Road:
To Bergen city centre 19 km/12 miles/25-60 mins depending on traffic.

By Taxi: Taxis wait outside the airport. They are faster than the Airport Bus, but they cost a lot more. For up to 4 people NOK 295 during the week, NOK 345 at night and NOK 395 at weekends. 25 mins to the center of Bergen. If you are travelling during peak times (3pm) allow extra time for traffic. Bergen Taxis Tel 07000, Norges Taxi 08000 & Taxi 1 +47 55 50 00 37.

By Limo: Find limo service, click here. Click here to find a locally based limousine company.

By Bus:
General: The bus stops can be found be exiting the terminal and turning right. Schedules are posted at each bus stop.
Flybussen to Bergen City Centre: The best way to get into center of Bergen is by the frequent bus service (Flybussen) which leaves frequently from outside the terminal.
Route: The bus runs to the city centre of Bergen as a final destination. Route: Airport - Nonnester Bus Terminal/Busstasjonen/bus station (30 mins) - Rica bergen Hotel (35 mins) - SAS Bryggen Hotel (45 mins). There is an electronic departure board outside the terminal indicating the times of departures and which route is to be followed by each bus. Note: The bus station is Bergen is next to the train station. There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the bus station every 10 mins Mon-Fri only, all over the city centre.
Timings: Buses leave from outside the arrivals door of the airport Mon-Fri every 15 mins 0730-0045. Saturdays. Buses leave the airport every 15-40 mins 0900-0045. Sundays every15-30 mins 1000-0045. Buses leave the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel at Bryggen Mon-Fri at 0415, 0450, 0515, 0600 then every 15 mins until 2000, 2030 & 2100. Saturdays at 0415, 0450, 0600 then every 30 mins until 1730. Sundays at 0415, 0450, 0600, 0745, 0845, 0915, 0945 then every 15 mins until 2030 & 2100. There is a dedicated bus lane so travel time is much quicker during rush hour. Transfer Times 25 mins off-peak hours, 55 mins or more at busy times. If the last inbound flight of the day is late, buses will wait.
Cost: Adults NOK 100 one-way to the city (NOK 160 return), Students & Military NOK 70 (NOK 140 return), Children NOK 50 (NOK 80 return). The Bergen Card does NOT include transport from or to the airport. If you are travelling further than into Bergen, where the bus stops, you can ask for a changeover ticket (Overgangs billet). You can then travel further for the same price within a certain time period. Contact: See or Tel 177 or 56 32 35 00.
Os Minibus Service: Route: Airport - Kokstad - Sandsli - Os - Halhjem. Timings: Buses leave the airport Mon-Fri at 1005, 1710 & 1910. On Sundays 1910 & 2110. Cost: NOK 40-90 depending on distance travelled (children NOK 20-45)/35 mins. Contact: Tel 56 30 99 80.
Bus 23 to Straume Terminal: Route: Airport - Kokstad v/Scandic - Sandsli snuplass - Dolvik Terminal - Søreide - Sandeide terminal - Loddefjord terminal - Storavatnet terminal - Straume Terminal. Timings: Buses leave the airport Mon-Fri only every 30-60 mins 0708-1808 with no bus service at 1338 (2 hour gap between 1238 & 1438 buses).
Bus 56 & 57: Route: Airport - Nesttun (Change Bus at Birkelandskrysset). Timings: Buses leave the airport Mon-Fri at 0559, 0629, 0700, 0733, 0803, 0907, 0940, 1040, 1440 & 1940. Saturdays at 0945, 1145, 1545 & 1945. No Sunday service.
HSD Shuttle Bus to Flesland Quay/Kai: Runs to the nearby Flesland Kai for boat services to Haugesund, Stavanger, Sunnhordland, Austevoll & Leirvik. Timings: Buses leave the airport shortly before published sailing times. Buses wait at the Quay for incoming boats and collect passengers. Transfer time ~7 mins. Contact: Tel 55 99 86 10.
Hurtigruten Bus to Bergen Hotels: Route: Airport - Hurtigruten Boat - Clarion Hotel Havnekontoret - Radisson SAS Royal Hotel - First Hotel Marin - Strand Hotel - Clarion Hotel Admiral - Neptun Hotel - Radisson SAS Hotel Norge. Timings: Buses leave the airport at 13400, 1500, 1700 & 1830. Subject to change.

By Boat:
General: Although there is no boat service to the airport terminal, Flesland Kai is a short distance (4.5 km) away and connected by a shuttle bus from the terminal (see bus section above). Alternatively a taxi would take 5-10 mins.
FlaggRuten Ferry Route 2091: Fast boats (Snøggbåten) run to Bergen city center heading Northwards, and to Haugesund, Stord & Stavanger heading South. Route: Bergen City - Flesland (for Airport) - Hufthamar - Rubbestadneset - Leirvik - Mosterhamn (weekends only) - Haugesund - Kopervik - Foresvik (weekends only) - Stavanger. Timings: Winter 2012/13 times for boats heading south are Mon-Fri 0825, 1340 (terminates at Leirvik), 1630 & 2030 (terminates at Leirvik). Saturdays 1035 & 1510 (terminates at Leirvik). Sundays 1255, 1455 (terminates at Leirvik), 1655 & 2040 (terminates at Leirvik). For latest ferry details see (Norwegian only).
Boat Service to Rosendal: Route: Bergen City - Airport - Os - Malkenes - Rosendal. Winter Timings (01 Oct - 30 Apr): Buses leave the airport Mon-Fri heading towards Rosendal at 0915, 1655 & 2055 (Friday only). Saturdays at 1610. Sundays at 1950. Summer Timings (01 May - 30 Sep): Buses leave the airport Mon-Fri heading towards Rosendal at 0915, 1655 & 2055 (Friday only). Saturdays & Sundays at 1125 & 1919. Contact: See or Tel 177 or 56 32 35 00.

By Shuttle Van:

Rental Cars:
On-Airport Rental Car Providers: AVIS +47 55 22 75 27, EUROPCAR, Hertz & eSixT all have desks are in a corridor near the exit of the terminal.
Weblinks: Click here to book -----> Car Trawler Car Hire.

Car Parking:
Drop-Off: There is a Drop-Off Car Park or Avgiftsparkering just outside the terminal. There are limited spaces, and the cost is NOK 20 per 15 mins. Max stay 30 mins.
Short term: Car Park P0 is across the road from the terminal. Cost: Every 15 mins NOK 20.
Long Term: ½ Mile/1 km from the terminal and connected by a free shuttle bus. Cost: 1 day NOK 50, 1 week NOK 340, 2 weeks NOK 550, 3 weeks NOK 820 & 4 weeks NOK 1090.
Smart Park: Remote, long term parking costing from NOK 70 per day.

Airport Hotels: Thon Hotel 55 92 00 00 & Scandic Hotel 21 64 44 00 are within 1 km/1 Mile of the airport. Clarion Hotel is at the airport terminal. Tel +47 56 10 00 00. Bergen Airport Hotels. Click here to book!
Notes: Luggage lockers are available on the right hand side as you exit arrivals. Lockers come in different sizes: NOK 50, 60 & 80 per day. Baggage Carts are available for use with a coin deposit of NOK 10, €1, US$0.25, DKK 10 or GBP 0.10. There is a petrol/gas station at the airport entrance.
Currency Services: ATM/cash machines available in the terminal as well as automatic currency exchange machines.
Steve's Tip: The Flybussen is a fast, regular and relatively inexpensive way to get to the city.
Airport Website:
Airport Tel No:
+47 55 99 80 00 or 81 55 (info).

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 Last Visit Nov12. 

Stord - Sorstokken (SRP):
9 km/6 Miles W of Leirvik on Stord Island.

 By Bus:
A bus operated by HSD køyrer flybuss, runs to Leirvik.

 Car Parking:
 Airport Website:
Airport Tel No: +47 53 40 37 00.

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