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Baku/Баку - Geydar Aliyev (GYD):
Location26 km/16 Miles E of the City, 1 km north of the Baku-Mardakan road.
Airport Overview: 2 terminals: One for International flights, and the other for domestic/CIS flights. The terminals are close enough together to walk between.
By Taxi: 
To the city center AZN 20-30 (New Manats)/~US$30/30-40 min. Avoid taxis offered by drivers in the customs area, as they charge much more than those just outside the airport building. Choose a licensed car with a TAXI sign. Warning: Some taxi drivers have been reported as holding passengers to ransom. Taxi drives down an unlit street where a 'Policeman' intercepts and demands money as a fine. There is then little option but to pay.

By Bus:
Bus #16 to Baku city: Bus #16 runs from just outside the arrivals zone to the AZAL office in Baku city center (on 28th May st). Cost: AZN 1. Travel Time: Takes ~40 mins. Note: Not recommended with heavy luggage.
Other Buses: Bus 201 also stops outside arrivals. There are several other buses that stop just in front of the market, a few minutes walk south of the terminals on the Baku-Mardakan road. These include Bus 149, 154 & 155.
Hotel Buses: Most hotels run coaches for guests, and the price is normally around 20.

Rental Cars: Hertz +994 12 971 857.
Car Parking: Available outside the terminals.
Baggage Storage: 
Left luggage lockers available 24 hrs.
Airport Hotels:
Hotel Teyara is next to the terminals.
On arrival, when crossing the border, you are required to declare any cash you hold. You cannot leave the country with more money than you brought in. There is a ATM/cash machine in the international terminal, 1st floor. As of 01 Jan 2006, the new Manat (AZN) is slowly replacing the old manat (AZM) as the local currency. Prices are often quoted in both.
Airport Tel No:
+994 12 257 900.
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